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While walking the dog


If you have no arms, or a disability that looks to the uninitiated like you're incapable of anything almost, and you are walking your dog in the park, or someone's private garden even, you'll find many kind hearted people only too willing to give "you a hand" ("oh sorry mate I didn't mean anything by that, it was only an armless joke."). Just approach any of these altruistic people and ask if they "could be kind enough to do you a favour". 99% of them will say "Of course, just name it". To which you point with your head to the ground and say "could you scoop my dog's shit please, I have to use my teeth and todays crap smells particularly disgusting!". At this point the do gooder (should that be "dog ooder") will look like they're chewing on a wasp. Justy smile sweetly and batter your eye lids. (not too crispy though!)



There are many advantages to being disabled. If you have any   examples you'd like to have considered put on this page or given a link to, please email me at simonsmith1@yahoo.com and if I think it's any good I'll put it on this page. Please state whether you want your email address, name and any other details included.


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