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Simon Smith And The Useless Eaters


"In nature there's no blemish but the mind
None can be called deformed but the unkind."

From William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night"
Act 3 Scene 4 Antonio.

1 Overture1.03
2 Soci-At-Ease 5.45
3 Little By Little 4.20
4 Cog 3.25
5 This Is Me † 7.57
6 I Don't Think That I Should Be... 1.53
7 Grateful 4.04
8 To Forget You †† 5.57
9 Happy All The Time 5.01
10 Overture ( Reprise) 1.03
11 Soci-At-Ease ( Version 2 ) 5.21
12 Little by Little ( Drum version ) †† 5.56
13 Happy All The Time ( Karaoke version ) 4.59

All tracks produced by Simon Smith and Vincent Parrett.
Except † produced by Simon Smith and Nic Fuller.
And ††produced by Simon Smith, Vincent Parrett and Nic Fuller.
Executive producers Simon Smith and Ian Owles.


Recorded at home by S. Smith and V. Parrett.
Mixed at home by V. Parrett; N. Falter and S. Smith.
Digital editing at R.M.S.: Andy Le Vein.
Digital editing and mastering at C.T.S.: Martin Giles.
Desk Top Publishing at Mac Kit: S. Smith and Georgina Tolmay.
Desk Top Publishing at Henry Compton School: Manoj Bhari
Front and back cover paintings "Garden Stories" and " L. H. & K. " S. Smith
Photography: S. Smith: Chris Robinson: Greg Gregory and J. Robertson.
Photographic printing: Dave Williams.
Design: S. Smith and J. Robertson.


In memory of Vernon Mallinson.


Dedicated To

Julia Robertson, Ian Owles, Mum, John and Stephen,
Mrs. Henry.
Also to the rest of my family and friends.
Especially Ann, Paul and Aden Ellis.


Thank You

Mark Atkins, Steve Bailey, Pam Barclay, Lee Batty, Alan Branch, Fran Brizi, Sue Culver,
Mario Crispino, Colin Edwards, Jane Edwards, Pat Edwards, Rodney Faizi, Paula Fanutza,
Ian Fletcher, Wendy Fritchley and Ashley Webb, Dean and Anne Geoghegan,
Claire Clansman and Didi Brizi at Winvisible, Stephanie Hall, Pat Hambrook at Babels,
Stephen Hill, I.K.O., Cathy Jones, Dave Lovatt, Kirsteen Knight. Ian Lamb. Roland Lin,
Earl Jordan, Paul Matthews, Bemadette McCarthy, Colin McKeen, Lorraine Mullins,
The Nagen family, Michael Neilson, Sharon O'leary, Peter O'Neil, Brian Pemberton,
Veronica Pakenham, The Robertson Clan, Phil Reed, Jason Russel,
Cathy Sadler, Yuko Sato, Mirek and Noreen Siba, Jo Silvers, Derek Simnet,
Chris Soczywko, Jill Stanyon and Julian Lovatt, K.S., Pete Spence and Karen Mercer,
Gwynne Thomas, J.U., Ruth Vidal, Martin Warnes, Lally Watkins,
D.W., and Yoko Watanabe.

Apologies to anyone not credited here who has contributed to the making of this album.

Equipment used during recording and mixing

Recording devices: Fostex R8; Steinberg Cubase on an Atari STE; Panasonic SV3700 DAT;
Microphones: A.K.G. ClOOOS; Shure SM57. Mixer:Allen & Heath GS3.
Fx units and sound processors: Zoom 9030; Art SGE: Art Alpha 2; Art Multiverb 2;
Art LT; Aleisis Quadraverb ( GT and Plus);
Aleisis 3060; Boss CL5O; Drawmer LX2O; BBE 322 Sonic Maximiser.
Sound Modules: Korg T3; Roland Sound Canvas; Dl 10; DlO; D5 and S-50 sampler.
Drum modules: EMU Procussion and Roland TR-626.



Entitled page4 300dpi.jpg (84839 bytes)

Soci-At-Ease 6 vi

Lead and backing vocals S. Smith.
Rap: Floyd Jackson
Keyboards and bass programming: S. Smith.
Drum programming J. J.; S. Smith and V. Parrett.
Acoustic rhythm guitar: Dave Lawson.
Electric rhythm guitar: J M.
Clean electric guitars: Dave Lawson, Ian Owles.
Distorted guitars: Dave Lawson and J. M.
Violins: Judy Casseldon and Tim Page.
Piano programming: Philippe Wittwer.
Mixed by V. Parrett.


I Don't Think That I Should be.... 1. 53

Vocals and harmonica: S. Smith
Keyboards: S. Smith; Philippe Wittwer.
Guitars: J.M.
Mixed by V. Parrett

Little By Little 4.20

Vocals: S. Smith.
Guitars: Pino Di Ceglie; Dave Lawson; Ian Owles.
Bass programming: N. Fuller.
Drum programming: J.J.; N. Fuller; V. Parrett; S. Smith
Keyboards: S. Smith; V. Parrett; P. Wittwer.
Mined by S. Smith; V. Parrett.
Grateful 4.04

Distorted backing: S. Smith.
Female backing Jackie Shields.
Drum programming: S. Smith; V. Parrett
Bass programming: V. Parrett.
Rosewood percussion programming: S. Smith.
Rhythm acoustic guitar: Dave Lawson.
Distorted guitars: Pino Di Ceglie.
Lead guitar at beginning: J.M.
Keyboards: S Smith; V. Parrett; Philippe Wittwer.
Mixed by V Parrett.

Cog. 3.25

Vocals: S. Smith
Drum programming: V. Parrett; S. Smith.
Bass programming V Parrett.
Harmonica and keyboards S. Smith.
Piano: Philippe Wittwer
Electric rhythm guitar: Greg Gregory.
Lead electric guitar Dave Lawson.
Distorted guitars: Greg Gregory; Pino Di Ceglie.
Mixed by V Parrett

To Forget You 5:07

Vocals and keyboards: S. Smith.
Acoustic guitars: Dave Lawson.
Saxophone: Alex Bland.
Violin: Tim Page.
Bass programming: N. Fuller
Mixed by V. Parrett.

This Is Me 7 07

Lead vocals: S. Smith.
Backing vocals: L E Wilson.
Keyboards drums and percussion: S. Smith.
Bass guitar: Floyd Jackson.
Acoustic guitar on intro: Ian Owles.
All other guitars: Dave Lawson.
Piano programming: Phlippe Wittwer; S. Smith.
Mixed by N Fuller; S Smith; V. Parrett.

Happy All The Time 5:01

Lead vocals, keyboards and percussion: S. Smith.
Backing vocals: Jackie Shields.
Bass programming N. Fuller.
Saxophone: Alex Bland.
Organ: Philippe Wittwer.
Acoustic rhythm guitar left: Pino Di Ceglie.
Acoustic rhythm guitar right: J.M.
Slide guitar during guitar break: Greg Gregory.
All other guitars: Pino Di Ceglie.


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