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An introduction

I was born on march 18 1965, so if you could note that in your diary now you won't forget to send a card, you know it makes sense. If you're in to astrology you'll already have worked out that I'm a Pisces. my ascendent is Leo and my moon's in Libra which is better than having Mars in Uranus I suppose. In the Chinese zodiac I am a wooden snake, so i'm careful not to bite my tongue in case I get a splinter lodged in it. While I'm interested in astrology I'm not definite about it, apparently it's the moon in Libra that makes me like that. However one area of the para-normal that i have had some personal experience with has been to do with telepathy. I wouldn't say I was particularly religious but I would say that I think agnostic and feel that there's more to life than just a material existence, not that that means much.

About 6 years ago I managed to find my Father who I never knew and now see him once or twice a week [he lives just 3 miles away]. Anyhow the reason I couldn't find him was I didn't have the correct spelling of his name, so for 32 years I didn't know my father. One day my mother found the correct spelling in a note book and within half an hour I was speaking to him on the phone. That night I had dinner at his place, and since then life has felt a little more complete. Along with finding him came quite a few relatives.

What do I look like?

I'm 5ft 2 inches short. I have a disability, I have no lower arms or hands, no right foot, twisted left foot, only four toes, and no fibular bone which makes for short and thin lower legs. I'm white with very dark hair and big black [ok very dark brown] eyes, slightly large nose and slightly receding hair line [I'm not painting a good picture there am I. Mind you when you've got half your arms missing you tend not to worry too much about hair loss.] I don't feel I have a big problem with my disability, I even have dreams where my reaction to being offered normal arms is to cry at the loss of my own paws.

I hope this has given you a glimpse of who I am, thanks for your time.

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