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Past Members of The Useless Eaters



If you would like to see pictures of some of the members listed below please click here

Backing Vocalists


Jackie Shields (Entitled)

L.E. Wilson (Entitled)

Katrina Rubowska ****(On the new album)




Pino Di Ceglie  (Entitled)

Dave Lawson  (Entitled)

Greg Gregory  (Entitled)

Ian Owles  (Entitled)

Jean Marie Maiquez  a.k.a.  JM  (Entitled)



Keyboard players


Philippe Whittwer (Entitled)

Vincent Parrett  (Entitled)

Nic Fuller  (Entitled)





Floyd jackson  (Entitled)

Steve Bailey  (Live 94)



Drums and percussion


Jan Jolkeldo (Drum programming  on Entitled)

Vincent Parrett (Drum programming  on Entitled)

Nic Fuller (Drum programming  on Entitled)

Patou (Percussion Live 94)

Simon Walker (Drums. Live 94)





Alex Bland (Saxaphone  on Entitled)

Judy Casseldon (Violin on Entitled)

Tim Page (Violin on Entitled)

Max The Hat (Violin Entitled)


Production work


Vincent Parrett

Nic Fuller