Simon Smith
CV 2012


Work experience


2000 to Present Freelance Tutor for IT, Art and Photography

1998 to Present Web Designer

1993 to Present Computer Consultant (Advise of what to buy, set up systems (large or small), connect clients to other professionals, troubleshooting)

2009 to 2011 Art Council ~ Member of IDEAG (an Advisory Group on Equality Issues)

2010 Taught Life Drawing

2010 Travel Diary from Latvia

Presently and since September 2002. Teaching for Hammersmith and Fulham Adult Education Services, this includes courses on Using a computer, Using the Internet, Word and Excel.

2007 to Present Photographing well known photographers at work for a forthcoming exhibition

2002 to Present - Tutoring work for UcanDoIT

2007 Tutor at Baron's Court Library

2004 to 2007 Home Loan IT Coordinator for HAFAD (see ref. here)

July 2007 Travel Writing in Northumberland

July 2007 Exhibited two paintings at the Chelsea Arts Club

2007 Co-produced a documentary called "Canvas" scheduled to be screened on Sky Arts Channel.

2004 to 2005 Tutor for Rugby House Substance Misuse Day Centre

2003 Guest Speaker at The Microsoft Annual Conference 2003. I did a speech on how computers are mainly used in the service of connection between humans and the multi level usage of software.

A copy of the speech can be downloaded by clicking here and a video of it can be seen here

2003 Internet Diary from USA

2003 to 2005 ADKC IT Trainer

2002 Commissioned to Write the poem for the Microsoft Christmas Card

2002 to 2003. Teaching for St Christophers Homeless Centre. This involves teaching adults to pass exams in OCR ICT, Clait, and CLAIT PLUS.

2002 Internet Diary from Vienna

2002 Web design and consultancy work for Stalking Histories disability Arts Organisation

2002 Arts tour and Internet Diary from across Britain

2002 Internet Diary from Israel

2002 - Frankie Miller Songwriting project Record Label (Wrote 2 songs and directed 1 pop video) and worked with EMMY award winning producers, Peter Henderson and Alistair McMillan, as well as other high end musicians, performed live at the Spitz. The Pop video was screened at the LDAF Film festival 2002 at the Nation Film theatre.

2001 Internet Diary from New York

2001 to 2002 Web site designer and community arts multi media coordinator for Calderdale Council in Yorkshire.

1999- 2006 Property business

1997 - 2003 Media-Tron (computer related)

1993- Present The Useless Eaters is a company that I own

1994 , 1995 Workshops for Shape Islington in music and technology.

1989 Computer graphics engineer for CTS Soho London

1988 Studio 3 (Barking London)

1988 1993 Professional Fine Artist -Multitude of exhibitions including the Laing (Newcastle), The Macintosh (London), The Diorama (London)-.


Summary of qualifications



2006 ECDL

2003 C&G 7407 Certificate 1 2

2002 Teacher Training Stage 1 City and Guilds

73071985 – 1988 Chelsea School of Art BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting

1983 – 1984 Chelsea School of Art BTEC General Arts and Design

1983 A Levels

1983 O Levels

1983 O Level

1982 A Level

1981 O Levels


I am a member of the following organisations:

Performing Rights Society

British Academy of Songwriters

Royal Photographic Society

Chelsea Arts Club

Associations of Indeendent Musicians

Musicians Union




Wonderful Life CD 2011

Various Pop Videos

Around 300 songs


The Protectorate

After Life


Microsoft Poem - Appeared in both a microsoft book and their Christmas Card

Poems in various magazines

Web sites for my self and others

Articles for disability and art magazines

"Frankie Miller Song Writing Project"

"Songs 1993 to 1997" an album of my music released in 1997

"Entitled" an album of my music released in 1993

"Not tying knots" a film about integration.

"Disability and love" a video for BBC2 Unit commissioned by Tony Steyger




English and French (O level standard)

Extra Curriculae


1979 To Present a student of Kyokushinkai Karate.

1987 Full driving license and IAM member

1987 British Amputee Sports Association Martial Arts Coordinator.

1984 Target shooting (BASA National Gold medal)


The Useless Eaters

From leaving college in 1988 to 1991 I exhibited in numerous exhibitions, however as my work grew more politically orientated I found using painting as a vehicle for my views frustrating. In 1991 I decided to use music instead and proceeded to produce the album "Entitled". This album managed to provoke quite a lot of media interest.


My company, The Useless Eaters (a term used by the Nazi’s for disabled people) was set up originally as a record label and was registered with the Record Label Register, PPL, and PRS. In recent years I have used the company as an umbrella company for nearly all my other business transactions.

I had started using computers in 1982 and throughout making "Entitled" became experienced in Cubase (a music sequencer program). I was then able to work on a free lance basis as an Atari computer and Cubase studio engineer, this also involved working as an adviser for setting up studios.

I traded in Atari computers and services relating to this system between 1993 to 1998.

During this time I set up trading accounts with computer wholesale companies, and became a trader. I also learned to build, repair, and update IBM compatible PCs. I worked intensely in this field up until 2000 but continue work on an occassional basis up to the present. From this I was led into Windows trouble shooting and tuition.


Computer programs I can use


Office applications


I have a broad knowledge of many programs and can pick up most programs very quickly. The programs in which I have some depth of knowledge are:

Most of the major operating systems MS-Dos, Windows Vista, XP, 98, MAC Classic and OX, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Acrobat, Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Microsoft Project, IMSI Turbo Project Jaws and Dragon Naturally Speaking 7.



Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Macromedia’s Flash, Dreamweaver

Internet related

Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Flash, Dream Weaver




Cubase, Wavelab, Logic


I have over 145,000 folowers on my Facebook music page: