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Melodic love song with hip-hop type rhythm.

Story Behind the Song

It's about how relationships go through problems and how during these times we often say what we don't really want to say. It's also about the fear that often sits in the background of our relationships and the desire to be known both in our good and bad guises.



Copyright Simon Smith London 14 August 1995

I was lying on the road
Looking at my skin
I said hey baby
Will you come and look in?

I was pleading don't you leave me
I was begging you don't forsake me
I could tell the sight weren't pretty
But sometimes love gets gritty

I was lying beside you
Through a long dark night
I was holding your hand oh so tight
I was thinking about you leaving
About you going away
You woke to find me praying begging you to stay

Love it's a dark time
So love welcome to my dark mind

I was walking a long road
Trying to find my way
I was telling you to go
But hoping you would stay
I was giving you this shit
'Cause you'd given some to me
I was blinding you with words
But hoping you'd see through me
But sometimes love gets gritty


CD: Fluid Air and Frankie Miller Songwriting Project
Label: The Useless Eaters record label
Produced by Peter Henderson
Words Music and Main Vocals Simon Smith,
Backing vocals Katrina Rubolowska,
Saxophone Chris White
Drums Chris Whitten
Guitars Calum McCall, Mark Bandola and Trevor Warren,
Bass John Brockhouse ,
Keyboard programming Simon Smith and Peter Henderson