Happy All The Time


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Story Behind the Song

The key to a happy life is not to be found solely in a partner. However having a place in someone's mind can help us survive the unhappy times that touch us.


Happy All the Time July ‘90

You cannot judge the man by the funeral
You cannot judge a man at all
You cannot hold a precious thing forever
One day you've got to let it fall

I cannot keep you happy all the time
I cannot say "I'm yours and you're mine"
I cannot say, "I'll love you forever"
But you know I'll keep you in my mind.

We cannot understand all our feelings
I cannot say I know how you feel
We cannot empathize in every way
But understanding helps the scars to heal.

Now they can not do what isn't right for them
They can only help when it suits their needs
They cannot do what they do not want
If they want they’ll laugh while you bleed

She cannot say what’s right for her is right for him
They cannot search for meaning without pain
She suffers his light heart life for too long
Now he laughs at her as she takes him back again
You and I cannot deny the judging that we do
When we stand so proud in these justice halls
I used to think these walls could hear
But now I know it’s just these eyes have walls.



Happy All The Time 5:01
Lead vocals, keyboards and percussion: S. Smith.
Backing vocals: Jackie Shields.
Bass programming N. Fuller.
Saxophone: Alex Bland.
Organ: Philippe Wittwer.
Acoustic rhythm guitar left: Pino Di Ceglie.
Acoustic rhythm guitar right: J.M.
Slide guitar during guitar break: Greg Gregory.
All other guitars: Pino Di Ceglie.