Little By Little

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Story Behind the Song

Fell in love, wrote a song, fell out of love.


Little By Little
14 November '90

Little by little I will go away
Little by little you will learn the lines
That you've got say, you've got to say
Little by little I will fall from view
Little by little I will lose you
Learn about a life without you

A place in my mind that I will go
A place in my life that you got to know
A scar in my heart that I'm proud to show
You said not to stay so we went with the flow

I've been taught about passion many a time
I've been taught about love and given the signs
I've been taught about the way we're meant to be
I followed the river and you flowed through me

There's a peace in my heart when you are near
It's something I love, something that's dear
It's something to lose and its loss I fear
The river is pure and the river is clear



Vocals: S. Smith.
Guitars: Pino Di Ceglie; Dave Lawson; Ian Owles.
Bass programming: N. Fuller.
Drum programming: J.J.; N. Fuller; V. Parrett; S. Smith
Keyboards: S. Smith; V. Parrett; P. Wittwer.
Mixed and produced by S. Smith; V. Parrett.