Second Best

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Story Behind the Song

A friend of mine, Lally Watkins, could barely play guitar, she had just about mastered "Puff the magic Dragon". One day she was at my place and I asked her to strum a few chords. Within a short time we came up with the idea behinds this song.

The philosophy behind the song is fairly self explanatory, but if you need it spelling out then basically it's trying to point out how our fears contribute greatly to our making choices that are second best.


Second Best

Sometimes you're going, going away
I call from my bed, but you won't stay
When I wake up it's the middle of the day
Sometimes my life just goes that way.

Somedays we're friends others we're not
Somedays I have what you'd call a lot
Somedays I haven't what others have got
Some days I have what I wish I had not

Some live for money some for love
Some like to push some like to shove
Some like to live some want to die
Some sit still while others try to fly

Mud on your hands and blood in your eye
You kissed my heart with the sweetest lie
Pulled the sheets over my head
Closed the door and left me for dead.

Sometimes we've been running running for so long
That we exchange our lives for a pocket full of songs
Sometimes we put on our bulletproof vests
And exchange a life of loving for a love that's second best.

14.3.1990 Simon Smith


Vocals Simon Smith
Guitar Trevor Warren