Digital photography level 2 spring 2006


By the end of this course students should be able to use Photoshop to adjust, enhance and create montages of pictures including text and create appropriate output files.

They should also be able to approach taking photographs and editing them with an attitude that takes in to account other photographic styles.

Lesson 1

Look at and emulate the photographer Martin Parr

Assessment of learners abilities, especially regarding downloading pictures fro a camera to a PC and orgaising files and foilders.


Lesson 2

Revision of previous course including:

Introduction to the "lock down" technique.

The toolbox and its sections

The options toolbar.

Using TAB, Using F key, Using shift and TAB

The different palette windows > moving them around and switching them in to groups.

Defining a custom workspace

Creating a new file - basic

Defining how big the "canvas is" and changing the Canvas size later

Changing canvas sizes

Erasing and the link with the background colour - The erase tool should be thought of a brush that uses the background colour.

Selecting the basic drawing tools

Changing brushes

Changing colours

Changing opacity

Using the magnifying class to zoom in

Double clicking on the hand and magnifying glass icons to change the view

Undo and history

Saving the image at different points by using "Save as"

Exercise in saving pictures

Lesson 3

Aquiring images

Capturing images from the web, from the Print screen function, from scanners and cameras


Colour range select tool

The magic wand

Feathering selections

Quick masks

Selecting a background

Saving and loading a selection


The rotate image function

The free transform function

Understanding different file types - intermediate level


Practical exercise of selection and editing

Dealing with RED EYE problems including flash settings and Photoshop techniques

Lesson 4

colours and brushes - advanced

Changing colours in a picture

Undo and history, snaphots -

Art history brush

Text -advanced


Lesson 5


Clone, healing and patch tool

Sharpening and blurring areas of a picture

Blur tool 10

The Unsharpen filter Want to know more then click on this link10


Lesson 6

Image extraction

A look at the FILTERS menu

Lesson 7

Layers - intermediate

Layer masks

Gradient masks

Lesson 8

Creating montages

Superimposing images and changing their opacity

Lesson 9

Printing and other image outputs

Optimisation for printing

Optimisation for multimedia display, e-mail and the Internet.

Panoramic images using multiple images

Paper saving. fitting multiple images on to one sheet of paper

Lesson 10


Starting Photoshop by creating shortcuts, pinning to the start menu,
creating a keyboard start key,

Batch processing



"burning" files