Scheme of works for using a scanner, digital camera and Photoshop Course spring 2004



Lesson 10




Digital Camera section

Video functions - resolution - time span / memory - making a vcd using Nero - 20

Video taken during class (try right clicking on this link and using the "save target as" option.)

Do you just want a series of postcards or can you make pictures of scenes more interesting by either adding subjects or making more dramatic images? 10




Colour modes - this links back to scanners 5

Why don't the colours print out as they do on the screen - negative and positive colour mixing - RGB Vs CMYK, optimizing one's monitor for printing - Have I ever bothered? No 5

Printing optimisation for printing 5

optimisation for multimedia display, e-mail and the Internet.5

Scanning an image

Installing a scanner 5

The TWAIN interface - comon features - preview - clear, scan, resolution colour mode, selection tool.
Other features may include a flip and zoom function. 10

Start by thinking about the end output, what do you aim to do with the image? 5

Resolution and colour modes - "line art", greyscale, and colour. 5

Scanning reflective surfaces - 2

Read about Moire here 3

Problems with too large or too small an image. 3

7minute break (so far 40 minutes)


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