Scheme of works for using a scanner, digital camera and Photoshop Course spring 2004


Lesson 2


Digital camera section

To see some of today's shots click here

The basics of how a digital camera works

Common features of digital cameras.

Protecting the lens / camera / use the strap and lens cap

Introduction to the "lock down" technique.

If you just push down the shutter button without
using the lock down technique it's more than likely
the camera will focus on a part of your picture that you don't want it to.

Here I used the lockdown technique and WOW! it's in focus. See I told you.


Photoshop section


A resolution to understand Pixels (Picture elements) get students to create a 10 pixel image then define it to print at A4 then do the same with different size pictures. Demonstrate then try out.

The toolbox and its sections

The options toolbar.

Using TAB

Using F key

Using shift and TAB

Creating a new file - basic

The different palette windows > moving them around and switching them in to groups.

Defining a custom workspace

Defining how big the "canvas is"

Selecting the basic drawing tools

Changing brushes

Changing colours

Changing opacity


Using the magnifying class to zoom in

Double clicking on the hand and magnifying glass icons to change the view

Undo and history

Saving the image at different points by using "Save as"


Understanding different file types

End of lesson 2

Pictures from this session (29 September 2005)

This is my view of the class... trust me it's scary!
If you don't believe me put your mouse on the picture and see.


The "hand on mouth trying not to laugh gesture" is, as Desmond Morris will tell you,
a clear indication that the teacher has just been politically incorrect yet again
or has just had a go at someone. Or alternatively she's just having a funny thought of her own!

This student is looking for a means of escape... and let's face it we can't blame her!

The group wonder off to the pub... erm the riverside to take some shots
which show what they've learned from the teacher today. (See below) -
Also this person has made the tutors legs look short and his belly a little too large...
ahah who says the camera never lies!

Posts out of heads, having all the subjects looking out of the frame
and having someone looking away from the focal point... Right everyone back
to the class I obviously didn't teach well today did I?

This one's OK.... oh it's one of mine.... sorry I'm blushing out of embarrassment!

Put your mouse over this image to see the difference a levels adjustment can make.

Put your mouse over this to see what effect changing one's position can have on the composition


The original shot


The shot after a Photoshop effect has been applied

If you were part of the class today and would like to add one of your shots to this page then
why not email me one? Oh you don't know how to do that? Well I better show you how... I will my eager learners,
I will, and it'll be soon, let me assure you of that....

But for now the lesson endeth here!


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