Scheme of works for using a scanner, digital camera and Photoshop Course spring 2004


Lesson 4

Digital Camera


Basics of taking photos ..... This includes:

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What to think about when taking a picture

Looking at the edge of the frame

Try keeping both eyes open when you look through a view finder, that way you'll catch things which you might miss when one eye is closed.


Taking portraits

Close ups

The photo on the left is distorting the features of the sitter's face, the one on the right is using a zoom so there's less distortion


(Photo by Catherine)
Some lenses can not focus if the sitter is too close

Taking a step back and using the zoom overcomes the problem of focus too.


Thinking about the position and the direction a sitter is looking may determine the balance of a composition.


(Photo by Michelle)
Catherine is looking to the left but there's a big gap behind her, this doesn't feel comfortable .... but


In this picture the compostion seems to feel better even though the sitter is
looking leftwards while positioned to the left of the frame.. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken! (Photo by Julia)


This is a traditionally balanced profile shot but try cropping
it on the right to see what happens. (Photo by Jenifer)

Photoshop Section

the initial and most likley editing you'll do to many pictures will entail using the levels and hue / saturation adjustment tools.

Adjusting contrast using contrast function and levels function

Adjusting hue / saturation and lightness.

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This one is without any adjustments

This version has been edited>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>This one is without any adjustments



Hue adjustment can have a profound effect.







End of lesson 4


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