Scheme of works for using a scanner, digital camera and Photoshop Course spring 2004



Lesson 9



Digital Camera

Exposure compensation (Exposure Values) - Bracketing - 5


The importance of empty spaces and blocks of colour / texture 5

Practical exercise

You may need to make several attempts at the following before you get a shot you're happy with.

1 Take a standard head and shoulders shot of someone in the class. Pay attention to the background. 5

2 Take an "arty" portrait of someone in the class. 5

Once you have got the shots you like we shall download them to my laptop and review them. 15

here are sme of the photos taken during this session

(So far 1:15 hours)

Photoshop course


Our first glance at layers 10

Introduction to the text tool - notice text appears on it's own layer at first 10

The clone tool 10


Introduction to "burning" files - pictures- on to a CD 15

2 hours

End of lesson 9


Extra for previous term's students

Batch processing


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