Group photos


During today's session we went in to the college "play ground" and set about making use of it as a back drop to some group pictures. With a little imagination and some adjustments made with photoshop we created the following images.

Pulling the colours together may consolidate an otherwise fragmented image.
Notice how the depth of field effects the image here.


Making use of "props" and humour can bring about some interesting images


Using colour effects to emulate old fashioned photographs can add to the mood of a picture as well as giving it a feeling of uniformity. Using a blur effect can take away detracting details when a crop might not be appropriate.


Getting your subjects to look in certain directions will have a profound effect upon an image.



Painting out distracting objects such as the ladder, repeating parts that enhance it (the flowers),
cropping, changing the levels of brightness and contrast can improve an image greatly.




Watch out for one person's head blocking anothers and notice the effect of every one looking outside of the frame. It makes your gaze move out of the frame too, there isn't anything to "bounce" your eye back into the picture.


If your subjects look distracted then that'll distract your viewer


Remember to have fun


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