Pics from photoshop class 29 01 04



Cropping and subtle colour changes can have big effects on how a picture makes you feel. The absence of red on the jumper in the picture on the right and the tighter cropping seem to change the feel of the picture. The higher contrast of the right hand picture also has an effect.


The image on the right has been given a close crop and some warmth added to the colours.

It isn't a case of right or wrong, it's about feel, it's important that you begin to tune in to how you feel about the changes you make to pictures. Remember that if you have a safe copy of the original picture you can experiment to your heart's content.

Sometimes a drastic crop focuses the viewers eye just where you want.
Cropping allows you to cut out the background clutter.


The mother of all crops and an extreme contrast and brightness setting
can make a striking image from a bland one.

Smaller version of original shot with no adjustments



Smaller version of original shot with no adjustments


Every adjustment you make can change the whole feel of a photograph.

Deleting the background altogether often gives a picture a "commercial" look

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