Exhibition of teaching materials


Saturday 15th November 2003

We had to demonstrate and exhibit items we use for teaching.

Nina starts by warning us that she's had it up to here with tutors who go over time.
If she doesn't get away by 3pm then you can forget handing in your assignment late.
Glynnis nods in agreement




Simon (that's me by the way!)

Me again hooray!!!!

not me, more's the pity. It's Jeni

Sean and Sheila hang on every word Jeni says.
They know that as part of her lesson she hands out sweeties.

Jeni had always wondered what to do with her collection of Tupperware.


"mmmmmmm what a lovely collection of Tupperware"


"So if you program a + b to equal F9 then you have a result of two cokes in a
Tupperware box. Simple isn't it?"

Hi I'm Mimma and I've warned Simon what I'll do to him if he
says anything cheeky about me on his website"

"Here here, good on ya gal, it's about time someone did!"


Shakeh looks like she's devising a cunning plan

"So just close your eyes .... that includes you Mr. photographer!"


"So you put your right arm in, your left leg out"

Sean finds it hard to concentrate knowing there's
some sweeties left on the table

Jane and Glynnis pretend to write notes as they compete
to see who can get the most sweets in their mouth at once


"Here's a portrait, notice it goes this way up"

Notice the Pic'n Mix is empty ..... bad luck Sean!

"So once again portrait goes this way landscape goes this way, unless, of course,
you ate all the sweets, in which case portrait goes the same way as landscape .....
I can't believe you ate all the sweets!"


Some members are looking very happy with themselves



Jane again

Rakesh and Jude

As an alternative method of showing how a pillow case is made Jane uses paper,
in this instance a joke from a Christmas cracker has really put a smile on Janes face.

With demonstration abilities such as these Jane's considering
a job working on QVC



I too would like to work on QVC



Sheila on the right gets Pat to model a Japanese traditional garment.
(Sometimes called a Happy Jacket)

However when Sheila tells Pat she can't keep it Pat is none too happy.

Unpeturbed Sheila gets out her multi lens plastic sheet

For a moment I think my Camera's broken


Sheila tries her hand at ventriliqui



Pat shows off thread. Or is it all that's left of the Happy Jacket?

Rakesh, ever the optimist, asks a good question.