Download Check list doc here


Client: [Name / address]
Check In

  1. Check ID
  2. Copy ID
  3. Take a photo of the person hiring the studio
  4. Get details of any other parties present, eject any people who are not able to provide ID
  5. Check insurance of commercial hirers
  6. Go through contract
  7. Check times and fee
  8. Take fee – give receipt
  9. Check if CCTV will be left on
  10. If CCTV is going to be switched off note on contract any breakages / damage that are already in situ
  11. Sign contract
  12. Check toilet is clean and toilet paper is available
  13. Remove phone handsets
  14. Remove any equipment that isn’t being used
  15. Identify any hazards and deal with them
  16. Turn on electricity to lights
  17. Check all parties have each other’s contact details
  18. Set up tethering to big screen if required
  19. Check doors are to be kept locked
  20. Help with any equipment that needs to be set up
  21. Record starting time



Check Out- At agreed time or before, if requested, start check out

  1. Check all leased equipment
  2. If ok go to point 4
  3. If not ok go through problem and work out if the client is responsible
  4. After check Turn off electricity to sockets
  5. Check areas for any damage or mess
  6. Once the area is clear
  7. Check toilet and kitchen for any mess
  8. If all ok sign this sheet below
  9. Client may leave



After Session jobs

  1. Dismantle equipment
  2. Put equipment away
  3. Replace phone handsets
  4. Register payment online
  5. File all paperwork