MiMichal aims to provide you with high quality, fresh food 
prepared with love.

Every day the menu is varied to reflect the seasons and what is available locally, 
however it should be noted that no meat is used and everything is kosher, though not certified
To give you an idea of what a basket may contain  please read the following.


In general the basket will include home made breads, (e.g. Focaccia with sage, sweet rolls, and baguettes….) a few salads (e.g. roasted yellow peppers with capers, and sliced egg plant in Sicilian dressing…), homemade marmalade, olives, desert, special cheeses, natural lemonade, home grown herbal tea, and more.

It should be noted that the food in the baskets can not tolerate long periods in the desert heat.

Contact details:   
Tel / Fax : +972 (0) 86 58 72 34   
Mobile: +972 (0) 53 96 27 15
All baskets must be ordered in advance. Minimum order 2 persons. 
The minimum notice for orders is 1 working day. 
I do not work on Shabat or main religious holidays (shabaton holidays)


The present introduction price per person is 70 NIS.

If you want to keep the basket you can do so for a small extra charge of  30 NIS per person. (This is due to the different size of baskets used for larger orders).

Wines start from 15 NIS for small bottles, and 30 NIS for a normal sized bottle and vary considerably depending on quality. Please ask for further information when ordering.

All prices include taxes.

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