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Ruth Collett is developing the use of new technology in theatre storytelling with her new play - Agnes Jagger's Last Jig - a medieval mystery adventure which will be toured in the Autumn of 2003.

Celtic picture of 4 ponies around a central motif


She has worked with Doo Cot, Manchester-based adult puppet company - to try out different forms of storytelling and has put together a work in progress which is the first piece of disability arts work to be posted on the on the website Gallery.

The website project came out of a need to create accessible space for disabled artists to meet and show work. This can be written, visual or audio work which can be discussed in the artists' forum or feedback can be posted on the noticeboard. We want to make a lively and supportive space in which artists, who may never meet in real space, can exchange ideas and form collaborations. Stalking Histories can support short term, one-off projects to find funding and provide the gallery space for that work to be shown. For more information on this go to HOW TO GET INVOLVED.

We hope that the website can also offer a new way of having management meetings that gets rid of most of the problems disability groups have in maintaining a management team. No travelling. No access problems because you work from home. Meetings only take up actual meeting time - not 2 hours either side on transport. People from all over the country can be involved. It's cheaper for the group not paying travel and room hire costs. We are currently working on developing our own online meeting space. For more information go to the meeting space page by clicking here.

Stalking Histories is a place where new ideas about disability art and the use of new technologies can be explored. We hope it will kick off new collaborations and international projects. If you have a project idea go to HOW TO GET INVOLVED to find out how.


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