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This photo is of a stone in a packhorse trail with an orange leaf on it, some green moss and a worn circular hole filled with rainwater. Agnes is kneeling with her head in a glass bowl of water. Beside the bowl are a copper jug and a small brass dish.
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Ruth says " I want to show how disabled people have survived and thrived through history. I am interested in the dynamic tension between flaunting and hiding difference as methods of claiming our place in sometimes hostile communities.
I want to make space to try new ways of making theatre and enjoy the way that Agnes Jagger's Last Jig brings historical content and new technology together.

Agnes Jagger's Last Jig will go on tour in the North West and Yorkshire regions in 2003. The play will show at venues along the route that Agnes takes across the Pennines as she travels between the warring cities of York and Lancaster.



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