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Instructions For Downloading Realplayer


Video files on the Stalking Histories web site are in a format that can only be viewed using a program called Realplayer. Most computers come with a video file player but Realplayer allows files to be viewed on multi platforms (e.g. Window's or Apple's operating systems). Major multimedia sites, such as the BBC, have opted to use Realplayer, so given these factors we too have chosen to use this format for the foreseeable future.

If you do not have Realplayer on your system already it can be downloaded for free, there are versions with extra features that can be paid for, however the free one allows most people the functions they require.

Below are instructions about downloading Realplayer. If you are nervous about doing this you can familiarise yourself with the process, by reading through the instructions before going ahead with it.


Please scroll down the page to read the instructions

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The first part of the process requires that you are connected to the Internet, once you are you will need to go to the Realplayer web site by either inputting the address, manually into your browser's address field or you can click on the this link to get to

Once you link to the site you will very likely find a page where somewhere it says "free Realplayer", only click on this one otherwise you will be downloading the version you have to pay for. try their best to steer visitors towards their commercial version so you have to make sure you don't get sucked into their plan. If you do all that will happen is that you may waste time, you will not be charged unless you give your credit card details.

Notice above there are two main links, one is large the other small.
The small one that says "Free RealOne Player" is the one to click on.



Even when you click on the link to the free version still try to convince you otherwise, so keep alert and click only on links that are for the Free RealOne Player Only.



Ah ha! Now they've got the message and are using a large icon for the free player and a smaller link for the commercial version



The next page (shown above) takes you to a place where you can choose where in the world you'd like to download the installation program from. So far the "Seattle, WA" links have proved the most reliable, and for the purpose of this exercise it is presumed that you will choose the same. Once you click on the link you will be taken to the next page



If all is going well a box like that highlighted on the left will appear within seconds of coming to this page, however if nothing happens after a minute or so then click on the "RESTART DOWNLOAD" button.




A security warning window normally appears next, as shown above.
Click on the "Yes" button.



The security window will close and shortly afterwards
a download progress window should appear, as shown above.



The download window may expand and show adverts,
please refrain from clicking on the adverts as this will
either slow down the download or possibly cause it to fail,
no matter what says to the contrary.



Once the file has downloaded which can take between 2 minutes and an hour depending on the speed of your connection, the installation program will automatically start. During the installation you will be asked a number of questions. The first question regards the type of installation, please choose "Express Installation", as shown above.



The next question asks if you accept the license agreement, if you do not accept it the installation will come to an end. You can read the license by scrolling down using the arrow button just above the highlighted area in the picture above, if you agree to the conditions set out click on "Accept".



Select your Internet connection speed from the choice offered
when the window above appears then click "Next"



The window above should now appear for a short while.



Next you will be asked to choose what file formats Realplayer will automatically play. So for instance if you downloaded an MP3 file then tried to open it Realplayer would open and play the file automatically if you selected that option from above. If you already are used to a certain program playing the listed types of media and want it to remain the default player for those media types then deselect the options above by clicking in the appropriate boxes before clicking on the "Finish" button.



At the end of the installation Realplayer will load up. Use the Help drop down menu to familiarise yourself with how the player works.

Once Realplayer is installed you will be able to watch video files from as well as many other sites on the Internet




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