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Equal Opportunities Policy

Stalking Histories is an arts organisation of disabled people. As such, we recognise that discrimination results in barriers to the participation of many people in the arts - these barriers may be physical, attitudinal or organisational. Stalking Histories undertakes to identify and challenge any such barrier to participation in our own running or delivery of services.

We are working to be an inclusive organisation that encourages and supports the participation of all people in its activities and will not tolerate discrimination within the organisation on any grounds. To this end we will be producing an acceptable behaviour policy which will be circulated to staff, committee members and posted on our website.

Stalking Histories will encourage active participation by providing our information in accessible formats including online, asian languages and large print.

Stalking Histories is committed to providing support and training for its workers, committee members and users to contribute fully.

This policy will be evaluated and reviewed at the end of 2003. We will identify through monitoring of our services if any particular groups are underrepresented in the organisation ,or in take up of services, and address this by networking more closely with organisations that represent these groups.


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