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A simple guide to downloading
and using MSN Messenger

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Once you have signed up for Messenger you can chat by exchanging contact addresses with others. Full details in Messenger and download instructions below.

Here are some written instructions to get your .NET passport.

Follow the instructions below if you don’t have a .NET passport.

1. Open your internet browser (eg Explorer, AOL, Netscape)

2. Go to

3. The page that comes up says “sign up for a free e-mail account and get a Microsoft.NET passport.” Click on this instruction.

4. Fill in the registration form with your personal details.

5. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the I Agree button.

6. A page comes up that says MSN Featured Offers. Go to the bottom of the page and click on ‘continue to e-mail’, which will take you to another page of offers(NB you may want to read this page and take up some of the services offered!)

7. A page that says ‘Registration is Complete’ will then appear. Click on the ‘continue’ button.

8. IMPORTANT!! You then get a page up which says Activate your Hotmail account. Ignore the first part where it says it will cost you £19.99 a year. Scroll down to the very small print at the bottom, under the bar called About MSN Hotmail Accounts. At the end of the second paragraph it says ‘Click here to sign up for a 2 MB Account’. Do that and you will get free access to your hotmail inbox. That completes the sign up process and you now have your .NET passport.

Here are some Internet links to help you to find the correct version of Instant Messenger for your computer. First of all, read the description carefully to decide which version you require.

(NB this seems complicated, but it isn’t – trust me!)

You will need to click on the relevant link(the underlined address in blue ink) included below. You will then be taken to the Instant Messenger download page on the Internet. There will be a button which says ‘Download Now’. Click that button and then follow on screen instructions. The installation of this programme is fully automated.

Click on this link if you have Microsoft® Windows® 95, 98, Me, 2000, or NT 4 operating system

Windows Messenger version 4.0 is pre-installed on Windows XP operating system. You can select Windows Messenger from the Start menu or click here to launch the program. This link will take you to the latest update

Click this link if you have an Apple Macintosh

If you have difficulties using the links above, you can go directly to the Microsoft site, using the link below. Then you can locate the Downloads page and follow the instructions from there.


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