Simon Mark Smith occasionally writes for magazines, below are a few examples.

The HAHA review is a review of Steve Dwoskin’s book of surrealist writing (what ever that means) and photo montages.
The article appeared in a magazine which is now defunct but was at the time a slick arts magazine called Disability Arts Magazine (or DAM).

haha review ]

The other article appeared in  Disability Arts In London  (DAIL), and looks at how music  technology influences and liberates cultures within society.

music, technology and disability. ]

The mouth and foot article is a critical look at the mouth and foot painters association and appeared in Dail and formed the basis of a couple of TV programs about the organisation.

mouth and foot painters association article ]

The gridlock article is a review of Ben Elton’s book Gridlock.

gridlock article ]

And the “Out of ourselves” one is about disability art, and some of the issues I faced when being part of a disability art exhibition.

out of ourselves ]


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