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Simon Mark Smith has been a published writer since the 1980's. His articles and poems have been used in magazine's throughout the world whilst his online travel diaries, stories and autobiography have been read by many thousands of people. Most of his work can be read for free using the links below. Travel Diaries Autobiography Poems Lyrics Articles The Protectorate After Life
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Simon Mark Smith started writing songs in the late 80's, his music has appeared on Radio and TV throughout the world. The majority of his success has come from the Internet where he has over 150 thousand followers. 2015 sees the release of his third Studio Album. You can listen to his music by either clicking on the tracks in the player on the right or by going to www.simonmarksmith.com
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I Want To Hear Leonard Cohen In The Tower of Song

I Want To  Hear Leonard Cohen In The Tower of Song   Someone once said to me that when the tram lines were taken up from our roads it was as if the tram lines that guided us in society also disappeared. There is a general consensus in the UK that we should try to be as free as possible in how we choose to live our lives without infringing on others’ right to be free, and I reckon most o...
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Fame, Money, Success and Connection

I want to talk about a paradox, it’s one that most of us have experienced and it relates to money and success. If you asked me if I thought commercial success was a true measurement of achievement, I’m pretty sure that, philosophically speaking, I’d say it wasn’t. In reality though, when I meet people who have done well in their fields, (commercially I mean), then I can’t help but feel more imp...
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If Not Now Then When?

Apart from being a memorable saying “If Not Now Then When” was also the title of one of Tracey Chapman’s hits in 1988. These words have been echoing in my mind (lots of echoes there!). I watched my father die in front of me a few months ago and maybe it was that which reminded me that I too ought to get on, but get on with what? I have been doing my thing, you know all that creative stuff I do, fo...
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You’re My First

Apparently the first time is normally filled with anxiety, I’ve practised a bit before hand, by myself and with others, so I’m hoping it won’t be so bad, but then I can feel a slight tingling sensation. I’m certainly worried about my “performance”, just one wrong word, one wrong action and that could be the last we share together. Then there’s the size of my words, too long, too short, will they f...
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