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No, not the lad with the amazing dancing bear. This is
the other Simon Smith, the one who sings about the unfairness
of society, naked sexual lust, charity telethons and the scars
of everyday life from the point of view of a man with no
hands. If that seems a distressing, disturbing perspective, ask
yourself what else he could do. After all, he has no hands.
Smith's greatest strength, apart from a grainy, rough-hewn
voice, is this unflinching honesty, which enables him to
present his points of view without slipping into the kind of
maudlin self-pity which would be perfectly justifiable but

His Useless Eaters can slip into a Dire Straits-ish boogie or
conjure a swirling ambient soundscape depending on what
his songs need and, perhaps most encouraging of all, is the
fact that, with most of his material, the emotions and feelings
could belong to any sensitive human being and that's one
measure of a great songwriter

Johnny Black



Simon Smith & The Useless Eaters,
Entitled (The Useless Eaters)

It's not the first time that radio-friendly pop tunes have been used
to hammer home hard-hitting lyrics. In Simon Smith's case, the subject on the agenda is disability. Born with no lower arms, he knows all about the prejudice that a disabled person faces every day of their lives. Singing about the injustice he experiences, Smith's
tender vocals are deeply moving. Sounding at times like Lloyd Cole,
Dire Straits and Chris Rea, Smith and The Eaters have produced a
gorgeously mellow LP to melt the hardest of hearts. Best of the
bunch is Litile By LittLe, a haunting ballad.



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The Express review


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Being videoed for a national ITV broadcast.


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