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Quotes About

"Smith's tender vocals are deeply moving... 
Smith and the Eaters have produced a gorgeously 
mellow LP to melt the hardest of hearts"
Gary Crossing
The Big Issue May 10 to 16 1994
Best album of the week scoring **** against 
"Erasure's"**. "The Fall's"**, 
"Tom Robinson's"*** and the "Doughboys'"*** 
"A wonderful record"
Paul Anderson
DJ. Radio Mercury 28 March 1994

"No, not the lad with the amazing dancing bear This is the other Simon Smith, the one
who sings about the unfairness of society, naked sexual lust and the Scars of everyday
life Smith's greatest strength, apart from a grainy rough hewn voice is this unflinching
honesty. Perhaps most encouraging of all, is the fact that the emotions and feelings
could belong to any sensitive human being, and that's one measure of a great songwriter"
Johnny Black
News & Record Review March 1994

"Chiefly remarkable for the power of
Simon's lyrics and also the quality of his voice"
Michael Cable
Albums Review Daily Express April 1994
"what set's the songs apart is Simon's lyrics"
The stud Brothers
Melody Maker Jan '94

"One of the most lyrically dense and
compelling  collections  I've ever struggled through"
Phil McMullen
Plolemaic Terrascope summer 1994
"Categorising [Entitled] would place it within the
adult orientated rock genre, with a style
reminiscent of The The, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd,
Lloyd Cole, Leonard Cohen, Peter Gabriel and
Chris Isaaks... with strong lyrics and a
predominantly guitar based arrangements"
		Disabled Magazine Dec '93
"I've been bouncing around the
office and wearing out my
Walkman listening to some very
pleasing sounds...Powerful yet
familiar messages are put in a
masterful way through Simon's
lyrics. A welcome
intelligence, in particular the
understanding and portrayal of
image....This is an album to join the
others in your collection."
Kit Wells 
DAIL Nov '93
"Simon Smith And The Useless Eaters look set to
rise above the swamp of indie-wannabes that
clog up the airwaves at the moment"
		Adam Norsworthy
London News Paper Group Jan'94
"I enjoyed this album so much, and
played it so often that I had to get
it reviewed."
Roland Humphries
(Editor Disability Arts Magazine.)
"on first listening to this album I was struck by
the perfect recording quality.. The first track
sounds great... The guitar work is excellent.. it
needs to be danced to!.. The beat gets to you... and
your feet start tapping.."
		Francis Rwama
Disability Arts Magazine Dec '93

"I believe that Simon Smith And me Useless
Eaters have the necessary ability, stamina' and
talent to succeed."
		Clive Dunn
Contact UK. Jan '94
"Smith and the Eaters undoubtedly
have an enormous potential..
[Entitled] moves fairly
effortlessly between rock, punk and
new age music, and there are even
some rap sections."
Michael Turner
LDN Nov '93


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