Simon's Diary

Israel 2002

Day 11


I have now been back in England for a day. Sadly my cat had died a few hours before either my partner or I got in . I was in two minds about mentioning my cat in this diary but earlier today I caught a glimpse of a feeling in my self that relates to the conflict in Israel. What I saw was a trait to turn grieving in to anger, possibly as a defense mechanism. I imagine that a lot of the people caught up in the Middle East conflict may have similar feelings at times, latching on to anger or vengeace rather than braving grief's painful course, because it's obviously easier that way.

When I came across my cat's body I crouched over him and burst into uncrollable crying but I am quite aware that the loss of my cat is, to me, a thousandth of what the loss of one of my children would be. So far the real result of on going friction in Israel and the Palestinian areas is not resolution but mainly the continued loss of life. And with each death maybe hundreds of others are effected.

I showed some of my Israeli friends what I'd written a couple of days ago and they said that compared to the what is being written and said by the left wing press and peace lobby there, that what I had stated was tame. Later on I was listening to a news report that said a recent poll of Palestinians showed that around 70% would be prepared to come to an agreement with the Israelis. Unfortunately, as I have said on an earlier day's page, it only takes a few terrorists to over rule what's been decided democratically. However what's important about these two sides having alternative views to their main spokesperson is it does offer a possibility of hope.

One of my main reasons for writing this was to try to get over how complicated the political situation is here. When I speak to people back home about Israel their opinion often seems to be black or white. If anyone tells me the situation is simple I take it to mean they have an agenda regaring this issue.

That's about it for this section of my diary. I hope you found it interesting. I shall be starting another Diary on March 15th 2002, when if all goes to plan, I shall be travelling around Britain with several other disability issue based artists in a mini bus. The slant will be a little more focused on painting / drawing pictures and making video.

If you got this far, then thanks.

Bye for now


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