Simon's Diary

Israel 2002

Day 6


Just a quickie today, I'm afraid. I have been working on Miri's Site (I'm singing for my supper). However tomorrow I shall be going on a dessert Jeep trip so hopefully I'll have something to write about then. Today was spent with Ohad coming round for dinner,( more about that later.), watching Shrek (a great film if you haven't seen it), and waking up to find the dog laying on the bed next to me breathing and slobbering on my neck. Maybe he read yesterdays diary! Actually I don't think he understands English. After he got off of me, he decided to do one of those Walt Disney dog talking to other dog up the street things, he was howling for about half an hour. Anyway he's probably going to be famous soon because yesterday Jonathan thought it would be very funny to video him trying to hump one of his friends, the boy was being pinned to the ground by Taz, I didn't stay to see if he was ok. If you're in another culture,You never know when it's ok to intervene.

So sorry for todays brevity

I shall be back with an Israeli vengeance tomorrow!

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