Simon's Diary

UK Tour 2002

Day 12



Thursday 28th March 2002


I was asleep, the phone rang, half awoken I chased the phone in a sudden fit of desperation to answer it before it transferred the call to the answer service. I managed to answer it in time. As I lay chatting to Lee, the one who came to New York with me, I could hear Colin next door laying in bed speaking over the phone with his wife. Helen was talking to one of her mates on hers and Nikki was sitting outside talking to her mum. I'm sorry to say but life since having a phone is much better for someone like me. I sometimes feel a need to talk with a friend and now even if the person I pick on is just about to do something really important I know it's almost 100 per cent certain they'll still answer the call. "We are programmed to receive, you can check out any time you like but you can never leave"

This morning I spoke to John from the mobile phone shop, and he said they'd be willing to sponsor me to have an Internet upload device. Giving me some free hardware and paying for half the line rental for a year. So that was good news. Later this afternoon we popped over to the phone shop to sort things out. As we got there a group of people were huddled around a girl who'd been knocked down by a car as she crossed a pelican crossing (Traffic light crossing). Thankfully it didn't appear to be serious, and some people who were near the girl were smiling. Anyway on a brighter note I managed to finally buy a phone case.

We traveled in to Liverpool in the late afternoon shimmering sun. This was the first time any of us had seen Liverpool in daylight, (the photo on day 10 of Chinatown was taken today) and all of us were shocked by how beautiful it was. We parked up and walked through some doors of a building and we found ourselves in the Albert Docks, which was the backdrop to the This Morning TV show for many years, so it felt like we'd walked in to a studio set. Just around the corner was the Tate Gallery. Unfortunately we only had 10 minutes to look around it, and tomorrow it'll be closed. On top of that I didn't go upstairs where unbeknown to me were some sculptures by Mark Quinn of a few people I know, Matthew Fraser and Alison Lapper. These people have disabilities and the one sculpture is of Alison pregnant, and Matthew in a sexual / romantic embrace with a woman.

"Alison Lapper" by Mark Quinn's

So far every where we've gone we've all said we'd like to come back again some day. I can't emphasise strongly enough just how much Liverpool is worth a visit if you fancy a smaller alternative to London.

In true Tourist style Colin and I took the ferry across the Mersey. The sun was setting, a truly magical moment.

This evening Eileen phoned me to say that my Uncle in Israel, the one who'd been a long distance runner had died. I hadn't really known him but I felt a bit ad because he'd been quite affectionate towards me, plus I knew that for my father that this would be a blow.

Tomorrow we plan to visit Liverpool again

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