Simon's Diary

UK Tour 2002

Day 8



Sunday 24 March 2002


I wake up to find Colin standing outside in his pyjamas. It's very cold. I ask him what he's doing. "I'm having a fag". Colin's voice sounds remarkably like the singer Ian Drury's. Just for fun we get him to sing lines from "Hit me with your rhythm stick" and "Reasons to be cheerful part 3". He says he's never done Karaoke, so maybe we'll try and get him drunk enough to try it out one night soon.

Louise will be joining us for several days. Originally she was going to be coming for the last 2 weeks of the journey but she's been offered an opportunity she can't refuse. We have to pick up at around midday but still manage to get there late. By chance when I get to the Station I drive in to the wrong car park and at the same time Louise walks in to it too.

After the initial introductions and a hunt for Sunday lunch we end up trying to walk to the Sea which is so far out that both Lou and I give up and head back in the icy wind. Helen and Nikki go on.

We all meet up back at the car and then go to the local Supermarket. Colin, Lou and I go to the cafe for a cup of tea.


When I tell the cashier we're paying seperately she makes a comment about me not treating Lou. So I say that as we don't have sex together that she has to pay her own way. Lou pipes in that that's because my willie is too small. The cashier looks at me in even more sorrow than she already was, so I said "Don't worry it says more about her than me". Lou laughs, thankfully.

When we get back to the camp site we see the social club has an evening of Bingo going on so we join in. Unfortunately the skill of Bingo is being brave enough to call out "House" if your card's numbers are all ticked off as random numbers are called out. I did not fancy the wrath of 20 elderly campers if I falsely called out so as I carefully checked my card when I thought I'd filled it first at least two other numbers were called out and other peoples cards got filled too. So I then had to face the condemnation of my fellow players becase we now had to share the winnings. I get a feling that the underlying nature of Bingo is even more violent than "Unreal Tournament".

We got back to the Caravan at abot 10:30pm, Colin and I weren't sleepy so we decided to go for a cruise in the car. We ended up 25 miles away in Liverpool.



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