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Free or Highly Subsidised IT Tuition for People with Disabilities in and Around Eastbourne


If you have a disability and could do with computer tuition, UCanDoIT are currently looking for new students in Eastbourne and East Sussex and welcomes applications from any person with a sensory or physical disability. The course is FREE to those on a weekly income of less than £100. Higher income households are asked to pay a slightly higher fee ranging from £12 for the whole course upwards. You can read more about what's on offer by downloading the UcanDoIT leaflet by clicking here

A lot of people feel their disability is too mild or too severe to warrant tuition. If you feel this way please call the office on 020 8673 3300 to discuss your concerns.

To apply please either telephone the office on 020 8673 3300 giving the reference “Simon Smith” (he’s the tutor for Eastbourne), or print off and complete the learner application form by clicking on this link - Apply to be a Learner- please write  “Ref: Simon Smith” on the top of the form and send it to:

1 Taylors Yard
67 Alderbrook Road
SW12 8AD

What Happens After You Apply


Once UCanDoIT receive your form, it normally takes about 2 months to process your application. If it is successful your local tutor (Simon Smith) will visit you to assess firstly that your place is a safe environment to teach in, secondly that you have a computer that is connected to the Internet, and thirdly that you feel comfortable with the tutor. You would also decide at this point what you’d like to cover during the course, although this can be adjusted as the course progresses. This can be from the very basics of using a computer, the Internet and e-mail, to other areas such as Digital Photography, Social Networking, Internet Marketing, using Office applications, Photoshop, Web Design and many other areas. After the initial meeting, given you’re happy to progress, you’ll begin your course a week or so later. You’ll get 11 sessions lasting between 1.5 and 2 hours depending on your needs and 3 to 6 months after you finish you’ll be offered a follow up refresher lesson.

If this sounds of interest to you please apply, but if you’re still not sure please feel free to call the office staff on 020 8673 3300 and remember to let them know the reference code “Simon Smith”

We hope this is of interest to you or someone you know but even if it is not please keep us in mind in case you come across someone who you feel could benefit from it.