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Ones I saw in 2010


Inception 7.5/10

Cinematography (9/10) Special FX (9/10) Acting (9/10) But whilst the premise of the film is worthy of a high score the script is too convoluted, lacks pace at times and fails to engage on enough of an emotional level given the commitment made by both the makers and the audience.


Predators 6/10 Sci-Fi Action

Formulaic but well presented, fun, well filmed and acted.


Book of Eli 8/10 - Sci-Fi Action

Excellent cinematography, story, acting and atmosphere.


Law Abiding Citizen - Action - 6/10

Excellent all round until the end which was a bit disappointing but quite clever on the whole in terms of how the audience is led to sympathise with the characters.


Journal of a Serial killer - Action - 2/10

Poor cinematography, ok story line, music reminded me of Once Upon a time in America (which is a classic). shame this wasn't better given the effort and budget.


Zombieland - Action / Comedy - 7/10

Well made and very entertaining, worth a watch even if you're not in to Zombie movies


The Lovely Bones 7/10

The middle is a bit slow, but on the whole this is an excellent surreal film









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