Using A computer Course

(c) Simon Smith

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Week 1

Introduction 10
Heath and safety 10
Overview of the course 10
Preliminary assessment 10


Switching on the computer (procedure) 5
Turning the computer off 5
Turning the computer on again 5
An overview of the desktop, icons, and the manipulation of windows. 20
Starting a program 5
Quitting a program 5
Advise those who need to develop their keyboard skills to buy MBTT8
End lesson

Week 2

Recap of previous lesson 10
Mouse skills 10
Keyboard skills 15


The Start Menu 15

End lesson

Week 3

Internet 1
Email 25
Addresses 10
Web pages 20
Searches 20

File management 1
Getting around the computer
Searching the computer 10


Week 4

Talk to A.L.I.C.E. 10 minutes

Then talk about Talking to Alice 10 minutes


Here's some interesting video files of robotic legs running taken during the 1980's.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4


The accessories Menu a quick overview 20 minutes

The Calculator;
CD Player;
Media player;
System Tools

link 1


What are peripherals? 10 minutes

Understanding connection types 15

How do computers work?

Refer back to A.L.I.C.E.

Hardware basics (what does a computer consist of) 15

Customising the look of your desktop, and screensavers 20 minutes

Web Mail
Sign up and show the basics 20 minutes



Week 5

Using the Help system 30

Web mail Using the address book and calendar 20

Word processing 40

Mid term assessment 15

Week 6 Tutor Bring in laptop to show games on

Adding and removing programs 20

Web mail Exchanging email addresses and adding them to the address book 20

Break 15

Gaming on computers Windows, Yahoo and proper games 30

Databases and spread sheets 35

Week 7 Tutor Bring in Laptop for multimedia work

Adding and removing hardware 25
Conflicts and basic troubleshooting

Web mail The Compose Function 20

Music and video editing on a computer a brief discussion 20

Break 15

Watching video / DVD/ VCD and listening to music on PC's 20

Week 8

File management 2 40
Copying, deleting, moving files
Making new folders

Web mail The reply function 20

Break 15

Drawing packages 45

Week 9


The control panel 55
Regional settings, power saving,
Dial up networks

Break 15

Web mail The forward Function 20

Desktop Publishing 30

Week 10


Accessibility 20

Web mail The delete block and move to folder functions 20

Break 15

Archiving data 30
And Using CD writers

Internet 2
Searching the Internet 20

Final course assessment and saying goodbye 20