Simon Smith's Internet Course 1

Learning out comes

A strong emphasis is put on learning the tools of the trade especially keyboard shortcuts.

Identify and use email and browsing software

Outlook Express
Internet Explorer
Mention Eudora Netscape Navigator
Web based email
MSN, Yahoo, Set up MSN account for use in college

Transmit and receive emails

Outlook expresses overview
Web based email overview
Create new message
Access incoming message
Reply, Reply ALL, Forward
Copy message
Copy to external folders
Recall stored emails
Touch on importing emails
Access attached files
Attach file to email message
Using the "send to" feature in external programs
Address book
Exporting and importing addresses
Editing or deleting entries in the mail box
Deleting emails


Set up MSN in pop3 set up wizard
Explore account section
Look at Newsgroups
Look at setting up a newsgroup on Outlook Express

Navigate the WWW

Overview of Internet explorer mention Netscape Navigator
Personal view settings
Home page and setting it
The temporary Internet file
History and leaving a trail


Select techniques, copy data. Save Data, Save pictures, Save pages
Access specified web pages.
Define the difference between Web Site and Web Page
Demonstrate how a web site is made up
Show the source code of a web page. Discuss current limitations regarding design and how web design differs from paper design.
Opening using "Open in New Window"
Define a web address in terms of its components.
Chat rooms
Message boards
URL Storage systems

Use search techniques to locate data on the web

The search button V's specific sites
Specific sites for different jobs
Look at site specific search engines
Set up 7 search engine pages in the favourites
Data export
Advanced search techniques Boolean terms + , OR AND, NOT ,* and ? (Wildcards)
Searching with results using the "find on this page" function
Refining a search, include better combinations of words to use and looking within results.
Looking for relevance
Spotting Adverts and closing aggressive ad systems. (Pop Ups and close button hyperlinks)
Look at taking care with regards downloading inadvertently or otherwise illegal material or material that may be against company policy.
Look at lack of privacy (Eaves dropping software) especially in the workplace

Manage and print electronic documents

Storing Web addresses Favourites and sending ones self-links
Backing up address books
Storing Email attachments

Printing emails
Printing web pages discuss exporting relevant data to a word processor before printing it


Word version