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If you're reading this it may be because you're on one of the courses that I teach.
I have been teaching since 2001 in Adult and Community based Education as well as privately and for organisations such as UCANDOIT, HAFAD, ADKC and CALDAF (who all specialise in supporting people with disabilities) and other organisations such as St. Christopers (Offering homeless people resources and support) and Rugby House (Substance Missuse Rehab)
My teaching Qualifications are City And Guilds 7407 Cert 1 and 2, BA Hons, ECDL
My CV can be seen by clicking here

If you're on one of my courses and it's your first time meeting me
you'll probably notice that I have no lower fore-arms.
A lot of people want to know if I'm a Thalidomide survivor,
well nope I'm not. The cause of my disability is unknown
~ though some people have speculated viruses in the early stages
of pregnancy can have an effect on limb development ~.

For you though, if you're one of my students, how does it effect you?
Firstly I'm pretty much independent, however I shall ask if I need help and
secondly I feel that I am ME not in spite of my disability but partly because of it.
I feel enhanced by it in many ways
So hopefully you'll benefit from it too!

If you want to know more about what I do and who I am
you can check out my web site

by clicking here.

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