Word file of teacher training journal week 3

Week 3

As I walk into the lesson this week I realise Nina has a theme of changing seating arrangements around for each lesson. I hadn't notices last week that the difference was significant. The slightly unnerving quality of this was further emphasised by finding out that 2 members of the group, Lorraine and Rossetta have left the course. We were joined by a prospective new member, and she sat next to Marika and I, which was probably a bit of a problem for her because she was very shy and consequently got a bit left behind at times.

As an ice breaker Nina asked us all to use our first letter of our names and use an adjective with the same first letter to describe ourselves. I said I am "Speaks a lot Simon"

One of the things I'm finding useful about the course is that it helps to identify and focus on processes that we may be using already. Today we looked at the "Systematic training cycle"

1 Identify training needs
2 Deliver
3 Evaluate out comes
4 Modify future training accordingly

One of the other themes of the day was the definition of words., e.g curriculum, prospectus, course guide. Also later on we touched on politically correct language e.g. don't use "Brainstorming" because it might upset someone with epilepsy. I had to stop myself from lecturing everyone on my thoughts on political correctness.

Part of the process of today's lesson was looking at what are our aims and objectives are for the courses that we teach. I wanted to add "make money and have fun". As we have progressed through the course and our own courses I've started to realise that for many people teaching is almost a way of life. I feel quite aggrieved about this because for me it's something that I want to slot in to my life and if I can be nay good at teaching then why not. I feel threatened by the thought of having my life disappear behind the needs of the education establishment.

As it stands the courses I'm doing require quite a bit of paper work, which on the whole is for the purpose of assessing either my or my student's performance, and rarely enhances my ability to teach. When I got in this evening I spent 2 hours writing a lesson report. I thought if I had to do this for every lesson I wouldn't want to continue as a teacher.