Jacob Kramer Paintings.

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Jacob Kramer prints

portrait of my father,Dr.John Gordon,consultant bacteriologist,and readerin bacteriology,university of Leeds, pastel,signed and dated 1922.Portrait of Dr.John Gordon,consultant bacteriologist,and reader in bacteriology,, University of Leeds,my father,pastel,signed and dated 1922.view full image
early portrait of Jacob Epstein, the sculptor 1921,pastel,authenticated by Sarah Kramer,the artist's sister.Signed by the artistPortrait of Jacob Epstein,the famous sculptor.(1880-1959)The painting was done at the same time as Epstein sculpted a bust of Kramer,in 1921.Signed by the artist.Pastel.view full image
portrait of albert einstein,pastel,signed and dated by artist 1930Portrait of Prof.Albert Einstein,the famous scientist, pastel, signed by artist and dated 1930.view full image
artist's sister,sarah roberts,dressed as a gypsy girl,pastel,signed and dated 1916Artist's sister,Sarah, dressed as a gypsy girl,pastel,signed and dated 1916.view full image
beautifully coloured pastel of mother and child,signed and dated 1925,by the artist.Study of Mother and Child in pastel colours,signed and dated 1925,by the artist.view full image
landscape painting of Taunus mountains in Germany.Pastel. Signed and dated 1928Rare landscape pastel of Taunus mountains in Germany.Signed and dated 1928.view full image
oil on canvas,very early self portrait of artist created circa 1910.Authenticated by Sarah Roberts.Signed by artist.Oil on canvas,very early self portrait,created circa 1910. Authenticated by Sarah Roberts.Signed by artist.view full image
portrait of Professor Stewart, Leeds Medical School.Pastel Signed and dated 1931.Portrait of Professor Stewart,Academic Sub-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and head of the Dept.of Pathology and Bacteriology,Leeds Medical School.Pastel.Signed and dated 1931.view full image