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"Smith's tender vocals are deeply moving... 
Smith and the Eaters have produced a gorgeously
mellow LP to melt the hardest of hearts

The Big Issue May 10 to 16 1994

Chiefly remarkable for the power of
Simon’s lyrics and also the quality of his voice
Michael Cable
Albums Review Daily Express April 1994

“What set's the songs apart is Simon's lyrics”
The stud Brothers
Melody Maker Jan '94

Entitled was released in 1993. It was the first mainstream recording which included several disability issue based songs. There were other musical artists at the time who were already writing and performing such songs but their music was mainly folk and was not aimed at reaching a popular audience. Simon Mark Smith aimed to wrap complicated and challenging disability issue based themes within an accessible format. At the time the Internet was not widely used so distribution of music was still very much under the control of the record companies and without a deal there was no way of getting your songs in the shops let alone on the radio. Even so, Simon sent off his CD to the major media outlets and received very good reviews including winning album of the week in The Big Issue and getting on TV and some radio programs.

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Entitled was released on CD and cassette. There are only a few CDs left and the jewel cases now show some slight ageing. If you wish to purchase an original CD you can email to organise a purchase. The price is £10 plus postage and packaging (£3 worldwide), or £20 for a signed one, plus £3 P&P.