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If you’re reading this you’re possibly looking to purchase a Groove Pillow and are trying to find out if it’s going to be any good for you. The problem is, until you actually use one for a while it’s going to be difficult to really know. Still, hopefully, I can give you a few pointers that might help you work out if it’s worth the risk to either buy or even not buy one.

Firstly, if you tend to sleep either on your back or side then it’s likely this pillow could be a good fit for you, however, for those who sleep on their stomachs it’s less likely to be comfortable. Even if you are a back or side sleeper you may find the height of the pillow doesn’t quite fit your body, in which case, don’t despair. For instance, if you need a bit more height then adding some bulk below the pillow might solve the issue, however, if it’s too high for you then there may be little you can do without damaging the pillow.

When I purchased one of these I thought the price was so good it was worth the risk, especially compared to many similar products sold both on Amazon and on the high street it was relatively cheap.

For me, the pillow was immediately comfortable, still, I tend to start my nightly routine off by rolling up a T-Shirt, then folding the roll in half and sticking that under my neck so I can massage away some of the stress for a little while, and then, after some time I move it away. In the past with a normal pillow, I still felt uncomfortable when laying on my back without the rolled-up T-Shirt, whereas now, with the Groove Pillow I feel comfortable, and then later, as I move onto my side the pillow is just the right height.

As for the customer service, at the time of writing this, the company had 4.5 stars on Trust Pilot – see the link below, and for me, when I contacted the company about the delivery taking longer than initially stated I got a very quick response and a very helpful resolution. As always though, do check Trust Pilot yourself and check out the section below regarding the 100-day guarantee. With regards to the delivery I paid extra for a quicker service, but I’m not sure if it made much difference.

Lastly, be prepared for this not to be the panacea you’re looking for, after all, we’re all different sizes and shapes, but if at first it doesn’t feel exactly right maybe consider adding a bit of height to it as suggested above if you think that might help, but as you’ll see from the many reviews online, a lot of people love it just as it is.

If you do decide to try these out you can use my code P-SMITH in the discount box or click on the link below, and that should get you a 10% reduction. I’d also recommend going for the two pillows offer as at the time of writing there was a massive discount on the second pillow.

Use this link to get 10% off

The company offers a 100-night guarantee, however, having read through the Trust pilot reviews it seems that initially some customers were asked to try the pillow for a bit longer, and failing that resulted in them being happy with it, they were then asked to donate the pillow to a charity shop at which point half the cost would be reimbursed, the logic being, this is better for the environment. For those customers who still want a full refund, one will be provided, however, to me, an offer of a straightforward full refund from the outset would be better business practice, even if they offered the charity shop option as an alternative at that int too. Anyway, given the pillow and packaging may have to be returned in pristine condition, it’s definitely worth protecting both as best you can until you’re sure you want to keep them, but, still, as nearly 90% of the Trust pilot reviews were very positive, there’s a good chance you’re going to be happy with it.

Please let me know in the comments section if this was of any help.

Thanks for reading.


February 2023

Trust Pilot Link for Groove Pillows

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