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Dangerous Things CD (Limited edition of 500)




Dangerous Things CD (Limited edition of 500)

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“British artist delivers his most diverse, yet intimate, records.”
“As a mirror of wonderful life, “Dangerous Things” is almost perfect.”

From “Let It Rock” (See it in full by clicking here)
Original article:

“…at this point in the album it is becoming more apparent that Smith is a musical genius… Put simply: this exceptionally unique album is something that you’ll need to definitely hear yourself from front to back. If you’re like us, you’ll need to listen to the album a number of times – not just because it is so different, or has 17 tracks, but also because it’s just simply stunning.”

CD in cardboard wallet


1 Driving Me Wild

2 Protected

3 Dangerous Things

4 Losing Me

5 Dream Girl

6 Fallen Angel

7 Break It

8 Words of Prey

9 I Feel You in My Life

10 Dreams

11 Not Enough

12 Your Name

13 A Story of Love

14 Our Love Lives Forever

15 Forever Today

16 Just A Friend

17 Neon Sun


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