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Wonderful Life was Simon Mark Smith’s second album released in 2011, includes 19 songs and comes with a second backup CD.



Wonderful Life CD £7 plus shipping

Wonderful Life was Simon Mark Smith’s highly anticipated second album. Released in 2011, 17 years after “Entitled”, it more than exceeded expectations. With 19 tracks including “Facebook”, “Wonderful Life” and “Come Home” all of which got onto radio playlists around the world and were partly behind the sudden increase in Simon’s Internet following, which then shot up to 160 thousand followers on Facebook alone. You can stream the songs for free by clicking on their titles just below.

Please note that you will receive an extra CD in a plastic wallet as some of the CDs in jewel cases had a slight error on track one in some CD players.

To purchase a signed CD for £20 please message on

Wonderful Life includes the following tracks (lease click on a track to hear it):

1 Wonderful Life 4:02
2 Facebook 3:12
3 In The Middle Of The Night 4:06
4 Come Home 3:26
5 The Greatest Love 4:12
6 Naughty 4:01
7 Blue 4:07
8 Gritty 4:00
9 Little By Little 4:22
10 The Book 4:11
11 You and Me 4:38
12 The Chemistry Of Tears 4:18
13 Waiting For You 4:33
14 Love On The TV 4:02
15 Where The Locals Meet 3:37
16 Sometimes You See Me 3:20
17 Persuading You 3:58
18 The Lives Of Ghosts 4:11
19 Happy All The Time 5:03

*Please note track order varies slightly for different countries


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