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UK Travel Diary 2002 Preamble

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UK Travel Diary 2002 Preamble


This year is a year of significant change for me, and within a few months those changes will kick in. As a watershed between my life as it has been for the last few years and this new one looming I thought I’d take a journey. Throughout history, both real and mythological, and in life in general the symbolic importance of journeys between change is of deep importance in our psyches.

Over the next 20 days I shall be travelling with some other artists from Lands End in England to some remote northerly regions of Scotland, possibly John O’Groats if time and funds allow. The main stop off points are :

16th to 23rd March 2002 Looe in Cornwall
23rd to 30th March 2002 Southport in Lancashire
30th to 3rd April 2002 Pennan in Scotland
3rd to 5th April 2002 Lanark in Scotland
5th April 2002 Barnsley in South Yorkshire
6th April 2002 London

How this trip has come about is quite complicated and over the next 20 days I shall elaborate more on that, but the scenario is fundamentally that I am travelling initially with three other people and next week another person who I have met once before will be joining us. The others are people who I have only spoken to on the internet or phone. Originally there was meant to have been 8 people all in all, and a lot me travelling involved but it’s ended up with just 5 of us, and stopping in cottages instead of hotel / hostel hopping Apparently if you want to make God laugh you tell God your plans.

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