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This work then evolved into Mendel - which went further into the theatre uses of new technology using live camera filming and projection.

From the play Stalking Histories the character Mendel is sat on the edge of a table with his two walking sticks in one hand and he is gesturing with his other hand as he shouts at the audience. Behind him the image of the frosted child's jacket is showing on the screen. Performer - Garry Robson Photo - Felicity Shillingford

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This is the leaflet for the Mendel production. It has a black background and the title Mendel is in red. It has an image of a red stain on a white background in a square divided into four quadrants. The red shape is abstract and suggests blood and internal organs.  Image - Felicity Shillingford Design - Paul Heaton

We wanted to bring disability arts to new audiences and not just rely on our regular audience so Mendel toured to non-theatre venues and was shown at Band On The Wall in Manchester with a DJ mixing sounds before the show. There is a video -Selling Mendel - which shows our marketing strategy for this tour. Copies of Selling Mendel are available from Stalking Histories for £5.



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