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Gallery Submissions

On this page you can find out more about posting
your work on the Stalking Histories Gallery.
We want to show all types of work in the Gallery, for example video, music, writing, painting, photography, animations, interactive installations, and anything else you may create.
We only accept work for the gallery which is by disabled artists and we won't accept work that discriminates in any way. We welcome new and challenging work that will kick off debate about the current state of disability arts.
Please read our GUIDE TO SUBMITTING WORK TO THE GALLERY by clicking here. If after reading the guide you are unsure about how to prepare your work for posting on the internet we will be happy to try our best to help. Please contact us.


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1. Contact us to chat through your idea and how we can develop it for the gallery space. You can phone or email our administrator, Will Ward, using the details that can be found by clicking on our contacts page.

2. We have to set a limit on how much space you can have on the site and this is determined by what type of art work is submitted. You will need to work within our guidelines for size of work. Generally this means that the maximum amount of web space we can allocate to each artist is 1MB.
We will allow more space in certain circumstances. All video and audio will be exhibited using Realplayer or MP3 file formats. We may convert work into these formats if you are unable to do so yourself. All pictures shall be in Jpg or Gif formats and should normally be no larger than 800x600 pixels.

3. Submit your work with artist's statement to the selection panel. There will be a selection process but we promise to give you full and frank feedback, which is often hard to come by. We only accept work by disabled artists and won't accept work that discriminates in any way.
Stalking Histories has an equal opportunities policy and will be monitoring use of the gallery and other parts of the website in relation to this. Please let us know if you think there are ways in which we could improve this policy.

4. Work with gallery team on layout of work in gallery if selected.

5. Take part in publicity to promote the website.

6. You will retain copyright on your own work but Stalking Histories may want to use work for our own promotional material.

7. Have a copy of your exhibition on CD for your own portfolio.



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