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Multiple Universes

In all but one
We slept together
Each breath spaced in time

I’ll string some ideas along the way
But I can’t wait forever
As if you didn’t know

Time after time
We are never found
Just recognised
In a frequency of light







And Trans



Grooming Gangs



X Miss understood

The far left


Kids from the hood

There’s Chavs


And Europhiles

In London democracy’s

Going out of style

The me-too women

Who didn’t want to know

Artists blame the Jews for their woes

The Nazis


The mainstream media

And spies who know

How high the steeple goes


Our politically correct

Guardian readers

Say it’s best to forget

Our past and our nature

As it’s all to blame

Along with those

Who want to cross borders again

To the Left of

The neo

Organised crime

Are the EU treaties

Drawing a line

And if you don’t want to buy

What the hard sides sell

Then it’s a rest

In a thought cop

Prison spell

There’s the LGB

Not sure about the T

As freedom of speech

Becomes incendiary

And then, of course


You and me

Who just can’t see

How we’ll ever



You know



Simon Mark Smith 15/10/2018


Before the Birds Sing


Before the birds sing

Before everything

Where the light sky

Touches the night sky

My room awakens

I see you sleeping

Do you see me in your dreams?

We dived there once

Our lungs were heavy then.

Voices from outside distracted me

As we sat up to watch a late night film

He said “I love you”

And she kissed him

I looked to see if you were crying

But you were not

I showed you my tears

“It’s just a film,” you said

So, I breathed them in.

1991/2018 Simon Mark Smith



Fingered misprints


Fingered misprints across the sky

Golden mauve

Took a train ride near the common ground

Watched lit windows

Held your mouth to mine

Cigarette smoke

And a smile smelling of wine

Looking for something good

Across the fields

Through the dark

In your eyes

“My crimes are numbed by the inadequacy of my pain”

He then passed apples to the makers of matches

Who stated clearly

“He drove the train that ran over the people.

The tea of the passengers shuddered

And even then, only slightly”

They spoke as if they knew, they didn’t, but they were right.

1991 / 2018 Simon Mark Smith



Is it you


I met you twice

The second time was closer

I knew enough to see

The third would never be

“You are not the image in my mind”

Who is it I call to?

My mother, father, a dream or you?

Am I lonely


Or psycho-neurotic?

Is it you or someone who I dreamt I knew?

1991 / 2018 Simon Mark Smith

(This was the only poem which referred to my father, who I had not met when I wrote it. When I did finally meet him, I videoed him on our first meeting. He looked at the camera and said “Am I psychic or psychoneurotic”).



When the Bad Got In


I sit crossed legged

I should feel sad

The worst thing is

Not knowing

When the bad

Got in

1992 / 2018 Simon Mark Smith



In Goodbye Came an Assassin


In goodbye came an assassin

Quietly and kindly

Walking down an orange and black rainy street


With a razor scratch down each thigh

Her lacerated tongue

A face in the darkness kissed goodbye

She was mild and sad

She told me of her troubled soul

And then across at me with a cold determined unease


She was not fast

A little too casual

A subtle stranger in my house

Sat down

And waited


1992 / 2018 Simon Mark Smith



A Lifetime Later


In my studio

Paintings wait to be abandoned

It was sweet the way you touched my arm

I said your name

You called me

You stood in black

Then there was the journey back

The conversation

A lifetime later

I feel you passing

1991 / 2018 Simon Mark Smith



Almost All


Now in the quiet

Almost a silent room
Almost all must sleep at night


Are you in his arms?

Almost the love of your life

Almost all must hold too tight

What colour am I?

Am I in your head

Gambling all on red


What did you feel?

Something good and strong

Something real

Almost to the depths

     But wrong


1989 / 2018 Simon Mark Smith



The Bad Samaritan


The man stood half lit under an arch

Telling me he could find a place where the family could lie

I would have hated to share my room with them

Their happy cardboard faces flapped like hands

Waving frantically  goodbye



Simon Mark Smith



The Nausea of Over Hopeful Poems and Other Lies I’ve Written


My room

So immaculate

An imbalance

Of emptiness


“I don’t like flowery paper”



I tried to whitewash it to a bass relief

Wallpaper for the blind


I prefer this room in a half light

The summer dusk

Half drawn curtains

Gesturing to help then collapsing

The breathing of a friend half sleeping

The journeys ending


Unaware of my whitewashed lies that surround them.


89 and 2018

Simon Mark Smith


The Flesh and Blood 

There’s a special taking of the bread and wine

But the flesh and blood is mine

Let’s take the photo

And see it through


Let’s not resurrect or redress

I doubt we’ll meet again

“How unkind!” you say

But the bread and flesh

Was mine


Simon Mark Smith

1989 and 2018



When We Wept


When we wept

The kitchen overflowed

So, that downstairs

Louis O’Keefe’s ceiling cracked


Eventually I outgrew the understated moments of your life

Like a hat you wore then threw to the gulls for fun

They thought it was food

But I thought it never quite suited you


1991 and 2018

Simon Mark Smith



Words you may Eat at Breakfast Then Meet at Supper


My mouth inside our words warm as your breath

They took an overdose of you, for you

Slow and ruthless in its killing

New life for the old death

Unwritten pages of plagiarism

Rules and stages unpermitted

But then the line ends


1991 and 2018

Simon Mark Smith



You Are the Body


You are the body of a person buried in me

I was touched by the passion of your mimes

You said it was nothing so we said nothing

But we still bowed our heads at the unmarked grave


1991 and 2018

Simon Mark Smith



Service Denied


You stood at your door

In a pale light

Like a soldier ready to die

Eyes open wide

Service denied


An assassin kissed a child

Mouth open wide

Sentenced and tried


There was a phrase you read

In a dream or a lie

My mind opened wide

In me you confide


You asked me what the love meant

But my words came too easily

You said you’d stay

As long as you could leave me


1991 / 2018

Simon Mark Smith


Hereditary Prophecy 


Sleep easy

Lay down

Let your heart rest

Let the weight weep from your eyes

Sing harmonies of devotion


Let the rain in your garden

Be a toy for your children

Unwind strings of confusion

While your curtains gently open


The queue behind me

Won’t speak the truth either

But that I blame on you

“Oblige me

Forgive me”

They sing untruly

For theirs is the songs of hereditary prophecy


Simon Smith 1991 and 2018





Mime Love



You’ll tell

Me to go

Away but

Hidden in

Your heart


Want Me

And yearn to say

“Don’t ever

Go and please

Forever stay”

But all I ever hear

Are the words


The emptiness

Between them

Is just a mute

Mime artist

Delivering the best


Of our love

In the dark

So good

I exit









I walked with you

Through the sound of bells

To the taxi

To the hotel

Then in the room with a wooden ceiling

Took off your clothes

And next to me

Your mouth upon mine

You whispered my name

With words that later would come to be

Whispered in dreams again.

Then orange blue upon you

You saw

You saw

You knew


The clouds for a moment red and green

Before night fell

We prayed:

“Give us our love and  friendship this night

As we give our love to each other”

You touched me again

I drank from your skin

And the sweat within

Your mouth breathed in to me

The heat of you

Close to

Too much


Not enough


The sunrise will, of course, in time

Rise across these empty sheets

Shadows will be long

So as to cover the story of you and me

Between lines that can’t be drawn too easily

And where later I would try to change

To keep you

But lose you all the same

Then once you’d gone

Would change again


Now night time

It comes again and again

Like a sad old friend

Sitting quietly

Slowly taking everything


Except that night, back then.





Why Couldn’t You Just Tell Me




Why couldn’t you just tell me

That you wanted to go?

I asked if you felt distant

And you replied “no”

So we carried on walking

But you seemed to stray

And I noticed you taking

All we had away



So I asked you if you were leaving

And you replied “no”

But I looked out the window

And heard the door close

I thought of the love

That had once been so plain

So I asked if you loved me

“Oh, please, not again”


I thought of what had been

And I saw what remained

And in silence I stood

My heart filled with pain

And I asked you to tell me

At least to explain

But you spoke of nothing

Not even of  blame


I could feel you aiming

To be just be a friend

“A new beginning”

Speaks nothing of the end


But when I asked you to be clear

You said “Not again”

As you took one more thing

To bring us closer

To the end


But why couldn’t you just tell me

That you wanted to go?

It would have helped me to believe

What I already know





Poem for a text to speech synthesiser


There is something about the austere reverential trudge

Of a poet reading a poem

That moves me

To a murderous compulsion

Unintended I expect

Rhyming with everything that I regret

And written with the greatest of respect




Simon Mark Smith




Break It


Love, I got to see you

My lover, my friend

I got to feel our minds entwine

For all time

Until the end


Night Time is our quiet time

Dark skies are our friends


If you’re gonna drive this road one day

You got to pull up close but do not stay

Pull down the roof and let me drive

Recline your seat and watch dark skies


But don’t you listen

To the rambling of that old man

Cos it’s the secret code of the night sky

That you should never understand



First you gonna take it

Then you’ll make it

Then you’ll mistake it

Then you’ll break it


Oh you can’t resist

Got to go

Oh illusions

Do exist you know

Oh a secret kiss is there

To show


What lies below


I’ll be driving on a long road

In a car that’s silent and true

I’ve got that secret code in my eyes

And all I see is

“I love you”




The Connected





I sense an impasse

The world betrayed

Souls can’t always be

With those they dream


Words unsure

Pursue the distancer

Grip tight the meant to be’s


The journey is for those who know

And for those that doubt

The connected do not think it safe or right



Simon Mark Smith





Autumn Day


The light it comes

The light it stays

Oh how it comes

Then fades away


The mist fell cold and low

Around the love we’d made

The rain mixed colours deep

Upon that autumn day?


And did you breathe the damp air in

When we walked away

And was the rain cold on your skin

Upon that autumn day?


Oh love it falls

One dark day

Starlings fly

They rise and call



But why do leaves fall

When they’re so beautiful

Why does love go

When it held us so?


Keep walking on

Our tears will meet within the sea

And at the end of fear

Life will be waiting here


Keep moving on

Keep moving though it may freeze

Our love loves on

Our love shines on frozen seas


Jan 2014



Not Enough



There’s not enough money

Not enough love

Not enough ideas coming from above

Not enough children

Not enough food

Not enough people not being rude

Not enough love

Not enough you

Not enough me

Not enough queues

Not enough people unwilling to


Not enough love comes to me

Not enough love comes to she

Not enough love for the Lord

Not enough love for us all

Not enough interest

Not enough pay

Not enough people working today

Not enough warmth

Not enough clothes

Not enough people willing to flow

Not enough people coming

Not enough people willing to go

Not enough people here

Not enough for me to fear

Not enough for you

I’m not enough for you

Not enough love to keep my heart true

To you

Not enough music

Not enough film

Not enough TV to fill me in

Not enough loving coming my way

Not enough poetry to make me stay

Not enough people willing to pray

Not enough people going today

Not enough snow

Not enough rice

Not enough people willing to be nice

Not enough people coming my way

Not enough people willing to pay

Not enough,

Not enough

Not enough for you

Not enough love

For me and you.






Be The One


Gonna be the one you didn’t want me to be

Be the one to fall to my knees

Be the one to fall at your feet







 To All of You


To all of you who celebrate

To all of you of a different faith

To all of you alone, or lost, without a home or can’t pay the cost

To all of you for whom death is near, or who’ve lost the life of someone dear

To all of you touched by love, or are falling hard from a bad goodbye

To all of you who suffer pain or have paid the price of another’s gain

To all of you caught up in war, or who can’t see what this hell is for

To all of you in once full rooms, with dreams that live no more

To all of you who see what threatens or those who wait for life to beckon

To all of you who were never mentioned, forced down roads of good intentions

To all of you,

You are us

And we are here








Silent Birds


“Silent bird trace the horizon”

And in this world atones despair

Where words could meet the sky

I had a blind drunk, blind spot try

Which urged the sky a gale

You read me like a dot of Braille

That ended up stopping

At the end of the line.

You asked to touch me one more time

And one more time and one more time

Your fingers read the scene

But the words you read weren’t what I mean

The silent birds disturbed your touch

Where sad disclosures release the clutch.

Sometimes being word blind is just,

Just a little

Too much like writing double Dutch.






Words are Brief


Yesterday you sent me love,

So many petals scattered

We lay in each others’ arms

The afterimage of your eyes

Is imprinted in mine

Your soft kisses of goodbye

Gently eased the sorrow


Today, your words are brief

Your kisses are neatly lined

I can not sense the truth

I feel your hand hold mine

Are you just tired

Or will you ask your words

Back home without me?


May 2008 8:44:55 PM






“Meet Me On The Pier” 18 March 2007 Take two

And action

I open the door, you smile at the camera,

The stars that guide you guide me too

Fast forward

We climb the stairs


Your fingers kiss


A moment there

Slow mo replay

In my arms

You rise

I fall


From crying laughter

Play Animation sequence

Our naked love Is born


My mouth fills with your taste

My heart is full of night,

Fade to white

Your sleepy breathing

Offers me a fall


Then a height


Jenny is the set ready?

Across the sea the boat lights shine

The stars that guide them guide me too

Zoom, then blur

To the touch of your lips on mine

Can’t wait for the rushes

Roll credits

“My darling, for your love I thank you”



For God’s sake love!

Meet me in the water

Come with me upon our bed


Even if the evening wind

Catches our last breath

Lower lights please

I want to sleep beneath your weight

Under the same roof

Is there something you can’t see

Strobe transitions

Are dreams your truth?

End titles commence

“What if what you do

Kills the love of those who love you?”

Close up

I look in to the sorrow of your gaze

Flash fade

In ecstatic fear you close your eyes

Freeze frame



Meet me on the pier,

Or in the water

Where it meets the sky.

Fade to grey

Meet me in the shadows of our love

Silence please we’re almost finished

And greet me in the kisses of goodbye.

And cut



The Map


Sitting in a café

The woman

Behind me

Has walked out

Half drunk

Hot chocolate

Plays on the radio


Where we had touched

Is visible today

But the traces of you

Shall soon

Be washed away


The map of our journey

Like a small island

In the strong morning light

Suggests a world

Without you


This peace

I am crushed beneath the desert sands

Drowned in the rivers that have run from us

Through the Garden Of Eden

To a land of silence

I am lost

Down stream

“I feel a bit resentful”

“I imagine you do”

“I feel cursed,

To be with someone

Who is not you”


“I’m sorry, I shall leave reminders of me

And will always remember you.

You’ve been so understanding”

“I have no option”

“Well goodbye then”


A man jumps through the café door and startles the waitress

He laughs and says “You don’t look like you appreciated that”


My housekeeper cleans

All traces of you shall be gone

We will both fade in to the list of lovers

Whose dreams we learned to forget


I will sit in a café

Recognise you in a mirror

You’ll notice nothing

I will not reach out

To touch you

I will wonder

What all this was about

And this will be the only evidence

Of my sadness


Simon Smith 24 March 2007





Lest we forget


I heard you turn away
Your leaving gently freed
The thoughts that fall and rise like sleeping
breathing in me,
The shallow hollow of words agreed


I have the truth and it is wrong
I would believe your kind
Appeasing kisses
Lying upon my bed
Your breathing is strong,
Once gone
It smells of broken dreams

I read your thoughts upon the moon light
You’ll escape through the covers
Shadows chased us to this moment
In time
For a long time
You whisper to a dream that I am yours
While you gesture you’re not and will never be mine.
The moon struck a shadow
Upon these words
Where it was light you laughed
Silence betrayed the rest
And what was left was hushed
And marked
” Lest we forget”





Four kisses


I do not fear death
I fear losing you though
There was a life before we met
And this life
With the you that I know
Your love, like a dying soul
Has lost its memory
And you may be gone soon
But this connection
Is four kisses wide
And a thousand
Painful missed
Kisses deep


I will wait for you a while
I will hold our breath
I will hold you ’til you
Dream without me
Until you no longer
Hold me


Then these four kisses
Will tell of what you cared
To forget
And I wish you’d remember.


X X X X – Each for our connection
between mind, body, heart and soul. To A





4 nights


You’re asleep one thousand miles away
I feel your head weigh quiet upon my shoulder
Your fading breath rises to darkness
This is the sky that connects us


Your face turns towards me
Your lips touch mine in passing
Your breath enters me
Draws me deeper into our dreams


I feel the pain you sleep upon
The fast of misunderstanding’s echoes
40 days and 40 years
And 4 nights of pain remain


In the darkness
Holding you
I await


24th December 2004 – To A


Breakfast memory


The bread is as we left it this morning
Its slices have draped themselves in to the shape of a figure sleeping
Breakfast debris across the table, a movement forgotten
Has dreamt of nothing since we silenced this house of laughter


The winter light has brushed the shadows
To extremes of yearning
From the rush
To the hush of our departure


I will sleep upon stones when you’re not with me
In the morning your half opened eyes will heal me
In the tea we pour is our compassion
In the bread that we eat is our daily life
Shared in the love of morning.


07/12/2004 – To A



Calling you


You stand in this public place
For privacy
You’re at the top of the stairs talking on your mobile phone
I pass you
I want to step in to your arms, back first, look round
My closed mouth stroking across your face


The signal is bad


The staircase is white
I can’t stop my self from singing
“She’s buying a stairway to heaven”
But actually I feel it’s me who’s started making offers
But ended up begging.


As I work
Your dark figure wraps around my mind
I want to keep you in the corner of my eye
But your eyes pour tears into mine


When we are distant I close my eyes
To affirm your intention of non participation
But when you are near
I want to feel you empty yourself within me
Your heaviness upon me


Boots and a skirt I can not help but laugh


You ask me to sing a song for you
My heart and breath serenade habitual dark longing echoes
But from where you are there is just the sound of a voice saying


“Hello I can’t hear you
Can you hear me?”


And then just silence.


To A and EH
© Simon Smith London September 2004



These days are not forever


These days are not forever
They will slide in to our history
Like paper on a river
One day they’ll float out to sea


These days are gonna float away


Sometimes you’ll be here
Taking my heart
Some days you’ll feel here
At the start


But come to me
And you’ll feel my heart despair
And my breath upon your neck
And my face against your hair


Sometimes you’ll feel that the night is dark as ice
And the love we had is all we had to guide us to paradise


The darkest night will come to you
No matter where you hide
It’s part of life she says to me
As she takes me inside


But the darkest night
Can be warm inside
Can be warm
For you and I


We live in a world
Where strangers come
And greet us like old friends
They come with gifts that make us feel good
And leave us to defend against the hatred


31 / 07 / 04




Leaning evening


I lean out my window to feel the warm air brush me with good news.

My neighbours are laughing,

Another’s barking dog is hushed

His name escapes down the street


Then it is quiet


The smell of cooked food from a thousand gardens pleads with me

I look along the path for a hungry neighbour


Car light searchlights warn me

Of a curfew’s virtue

I keep my room dusky for now

Wrapped in shadowed blurriness

A cyclist treads slow past my window

The wind’s low

My papers rustle to the floor

And these trees echo the gentle shiverings


© Simon Smith



The poems beyond this point are mainly laid out chronologically and are unedited for now.




You read my words
But my voice is as silent as light
My heart darts in
And out of shadows
Between buildings
Photographs of me are falling from trees
But to you they are merely leaves


To you I am a doubt
You look for a face
Through the eyes of a mask
I am a soldier of infidelity
Carrying the light of mystery
In to your version of reality


Written with the help of an online friend “Rachel”
27th March 2003





I am alone at my place.


Your joke walks in the room
We break the silence
Your fingers trace laughter lines
That bind me to you
Moments snatched and stretched linger
I am frightened by their enormity
And confused by this feeling’s simplicity


I fell backwards into the river
Your arms catch me unaware
Where I expected to be shocked
Is a wave of calm silently washing over me.


18th May 2003


You are spinning slowly in the corner of my eye


A crowd gathers around, applauds your beauty
I feel the emptiness drone through
Your audience is smiling, gazing at your eyes
You walk off stage, no one has seen you
My eyes are full of tears seeping through a dream


I am standing above a seated woman
She faces away from me
I breathe in her scent
Breathing in a memory

“I have waited ten life-times to meet you
I am willing to wait 10 more”
Breathing memories between lives
Two swans swim in the black sky river
I recognise your beauty in this silence


May 24th 2003


Everything that Dies 


Comes to sleep in dreams
The bright sun light shines
I dance this way
I dance that way
With you for a second
The heat reaching up
I’m scared of the fear
How many hands have passed upon your face?
Fading life, failing light, words insight
My finger follows the journey of your smile
To a life reserved.
But not for me


A dog in the evening sunlight smells the air
I dance a circle around him
His eyes half close
I push my face into his neck
I am connected to you
Through everything anywhere.


It does not matter that you aren’t there.


May 27th 2003




I step left


Your sword rushes air upon my face
Slow motion moments are drawing quietly


It is not death that strikes fear through me
But your wish to help me die in agony


Your eyes search for weakness
Mine sense your yearning


I sway my right side away from you
Your imbalance is an opportunity


You start to fall, your face sleeps
You dream of surrendering


Your hands grip ever harder
We do not plan to die


Only the moment slides.


28th May 2003


She walks out of our home


“I’ll probably be back later, when will you be out?” The place is a mess.


I feel calm, slightly sad, not sure what to do with myself.
Not panicking, but waiting for a compulsive urge to search her out
I have been searching for her for 9 years and have not found her
I mourned for her throughout this whole time


Here at the end of the grieving she closes the door but takes the keys
“Relationships don’t end they just change” I said when I asked her to leave


It’s a windy grey rainy landscape we stand in
These cross roads are painted across my mind (they cross in anger, our paths keep crossing, separating ways, and crossing our hearts).
Where we crucify our love and pray for it to rest in peace or find resurrection, and for it to forgive our trespasses.


Goodbye means God be with you
And in every goodbye is an echo of every goodbye we endured.






Words written on my mobile phone while driving through America


It doesn’t matter that you’re not here
That you don’t call me
Or tell me where you are,
You’re in my mind still
Moving through the world.


Missing you,
You are sleeping 6000 miles away.
Can you feel my sadness?


l would call you but you are happier dreaming.
As you wake I lay my head to rest.
Our heads are together briefly.


l reach out but you are already preparing for your day.
So I close my eyes and dream you are with me.


You and I are talking
I notice you are starting to cry.
l give you a gesture of a hug and unlike in real life you reciprocate.


Then we are standing / sitting on a railway line
As I move closer you move away almost unconsciously
So I tell you and you laugh, then you move towards to me.


Dream Ends
We are all looking for someone to fall in to.
Some one who we still think is beautiful after our lust has gone.
Someone we can trust not to betray us
Who can hold us close in their mind when we aren’t there.
Someone we can fall in to.
Who like a trampoline
Will help us to land safely and bounce back again.


It is enough to be near you



Late July to early August 2003




I can not read the words in front of me


I Listen for the sound of your key turning in the door

I Walk through the house looking for you

I Listen for your voice

Every taxi that pulls up

I hope carries you on a compulsive quest


I Want to bring you what you need

I Want to help you where I can


But you will not enter,
Will not speak,
Will not ask
And will not trust me.

9th August 2003




I can not bear that you’re not here


Each tear that falls from my eyes

Hits true

Upon you like a pin

And though I want for you and I to be together

Neither of us knows whether that’s a dream

Sliding away from reality


Tonight driving through the hot drunk crowds of a Saturday in August

My throat felt constricted by an invisible hand

My chest felt squeezed tight

I wanted to be gently sleeping next to you

Your legs resting around me until the heat became too much.


The whole world could disappear.


Tonight I entered my dark house alone

No cats, lover, lodgers or friends to greet me,

But notions of love hold me upright


I mourn you so much in this silence.


I know I will be happy again

I will hold you tomorrow maybe

Yet one day we will part forever

And tonight I am remembering that

And all the other love that washed upon me

Then fled with the moon.


10th August 2003



A million people sit together, alone waiting.


Listening for their lost one’s key to turn
Looking out the window at every passing taxi
In case their love is returning
Walking through every room to see if they’ve come home
Finding only sunlight cast across their bed


Fear racks through every pore,
A slight sweat that is too warm
No hunger –
The D diet (depression, divorce, distance, dislocated, disenchanted)


In dreams she is still here.
I will sleep until I come alive again


15th august 2003



You sleep in white rooms


Time ticks slowly from

This way

I turn and time moves slower still

Nine years have passed

Memories move me

Vivid as yesterday

I watch you sleeping

Nine years ago

This morning

I can not tell the difference

We are sleeping in white rooms

Seasons swirl in circles slowly round us

Their colours lightly touch the wall

I kiss you gently

But you do not stir


13 September 2003




Poems from the Microsoft greetings Card commission


Here’s a link to the one that made it

Someone from Microsoft called me on friday and asked if I could prepare a poem for Monday. I came up with about 25 ideas over the weekend. Here’s a couple from the short list.

November 2002



This next poem was meant to be about my relationship with “my talent” …. erhum …. well that’s what they asked for.


We will meet on Bridges across the Thames at 5 am
In smoky bars you’ll capture my heart and
At dawn let it go again
You inspire my children in laughter
Take my thoughts and turn them in to others
Lay gifts at the root of my journeys
Trickle miracles through my fingers
Bring words of peace to troubles
Read poetry in the darkness
Sing silence within me
Give to receive me
Your love to
Teach me
Let me

November 24th 2002



The cold air stroked across my face
Someone joined the gathering
The warm, damp breath of cattle
Hushed shuffling and mutterings


Upon the straw bed that was mine
That I had laid fresh this day
Water trickled
Like a miracle



“It’s beautiful but it’s freezing out there”
I look through the window at the silent moonlit land that I call home
I am reflected in the glass, like the ghost of summers past
I swivel around to look back at the windows on my screen
See the places where my dreams have been born laughing to the world
Tonight I’ll take the words we said and bounce them to the moon and back


Just for the crack


I used to stand alone
But now the connections permeate my meaning
Those soulful eyes across the world have looked upon me
And filled me with the freedom joy brings and the gratitude of being


Somewhere beneath the snow lie a billion seeds waiting
And every star above me is a soul queuing to live