Are You Looking for One of the Best Gantt view Project Planning Apps on IOS and OSX with no monthly subscription?

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Are you looking for a project planning app that uses a Gantt view for your iPad, iPhone or Mac?

Are you loathe to pay a monthly subscription?

Are you looking for something that just does the job?

Does that describe your situation, if so this article might be of interest to you. 



If you don’t know what a Gantt view is I shall try to explain it briefly. Gantt charts help you visually assess how long a project should take, establish what resources are required, and organise the order in which you’ll complete tasks. They’re also helpful for working out which tasks must be completed before another task can be undertaken. For instance, before doing something, delivery of the materials used to do it must be sorted out. A delivery date can then show when the earliest date the next step of work can start. In a Gantt chart, this is laid out graphically so it is very easy to see a plan overall, or in detail.

Lately, I’ve spent a bit of time trawling through reviews and websites and I came up with an answer. Firstly, just in case you’re wondering if this is an advert or I’m getting a commission, it isn’t and I am not. However, if by the end of this you think I’ve saved you a load of legwork and some money then please feel free to donate a £1/$1 to help me do more of this.

As I went through the multiple websites that offer project management apps a few names kept popping up. However, the one that I eventually chose did not. The main ones that came up either did not allow a Gantt view on every platform or didn’t offer a cheap fixed price. In fact, most only offered a monthly subscription model. Some offered free versions but with some limitations, which on closer inspection meant they didn’t offer what I needed. For instance, Wrike (which came up a lot) offers a free version and has Gantt on its desktop version but not on its IOS one. TeamGantt looked promising but after signing up and setting up it wanted me to sign up for a premium package to use the Gantt view.  From others’, such as Trello, it was hard to determine if Gantt was available on IOS and OSX, so I didn’t even bother signing up. The same went for Podio and Project Place. A more recent one called “Monday” tells us to say goodbye to Gantt, but I really like working with a Gantt view, and anyway it isn’t free. Asana, Basecamp, came up a lot too but wanted subscriptions. By the end of it I was feeling exhausted…  For me, using a project management app will be for occasional use only, so spending a sum of money on a monthly basis just isn’t worth my while.


It was only when I went to the App store that a few other options came up, most of them had bad reviews and just to see if they were that bad I tried them out and they were. But one app had loads of good reviews, it had a £17.99 price tag for the iPad version and £8.99 for the iPhone one which put me off a bit. I think that being able to try it out first then pay for it might have been a better marketing strategy as once tried those amounts felt well worth it to me.

The name of this app was QuickPlan. I decided to go for it and try the iPad one. Not only did it work but there was quite a bit of online support for it, so within a few hours I was using it to do everything that I was hoping for. I’m just finishing off a music album so before mastering it I need to finish recording and mixing 3 more songs, I also need to do all the text for the album notes and get the graphics sorted out. By estimating how long each task would take it told me that my release date of March 31st is realistic, and if things take longer it will help me be aware of getting too close to the end date. You can see a screenshot of it below.


Click on the image above to see a larger version


The next day I was so impressed with it I downloaded the iPhone version and that worked well too, it’s a bit fiddly, but then using productivity apps on such a small device is likely to be so. I then decided to look at the Mac version. It’s not essential given the iPad version is very user-friendly but I downloaded the trial version and was soon sailing around it effortlessly. I felt the $49.99 price tag was a bit steep and decided to ask the developer about this. For me it should be closer to $29. I got in contact with the software creator and he felt that compared to comparative products it was relatively far cheaper.

To me, this app will have a niche audience. It probably won’t be a big company as they will most likely go for one of the grander apps that require monthly subscriptions. This is for individuals using Apple products who might be working with a small group of others and probably won’t have a big budget. So $49 might be ok. If you’re considering this product on your desktop too then download the trial version and see what you think. Getting the iPad and iPhone version should do the job for most people. If you’re looking for an IOS project manager app it’s worth checking it out.

Sorry I haven’t gone into detail about what it can do, however using the link below you can get further information. My main aim was to show you something that could easily be missed given what comes up on Google.  Either way, I hope I’ve helped you, and if I have and you think it’s saved you money and time then please donate a $1 or £1 using the Paypal button below.

Amount from $1 to $10

Here’s the developer’s website which has links on it to the apps:



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