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I Want To Hear Leonard Cohen In The Tower of Song

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I Want To  Hear Leonard Cohen In The Tower of Song


Someone once said to me that when the tram lines were taken up from our roads it was as if the tram lines that guided us in society also disappeared. There is a general consensus in the UK that we should try to be as free as possible in how we choose to live our lives without infringing on others’ right to be free, and I reckon most of us feel comfortable with that. But…

A couple of years ago I went to see Roger Waters perform at the O2 arena near London, which is a big venue. Throughout the whole performance people wandered in and out, pushing past me, falling on me, mostly in order to get to the drinks kiosk. Perhaps the size of the venue meant that people felt they weren’t really at a concert, but after that experience I felt I wouldn’t want to return to that venue and consequently missed the now legendary Leonard Cohen concerts held there.

Steve, my co-song-writer, told me that he’d once gone to see Daniel Beddingfield play and the audience was so loud during the warm up act that Daniel came out and sang with her because he was so disturbed by their rudeness. The audience wouldn’t have been able to know if she was worth listening to as they hadn’t given her the chance to be heard in the first place.

I have a video of one of my first live performances and during it I rather unprofessionally looked at a group of people who were talking so loudly I could hear them over the PA system and said “Yeah and see how you feel when I speak over your band”… a slightly embarrassing moment for all concerned. But in a way I was right, if you’re in a music venue it’s not like being somewhere where someone starts performing whether you asked for it or not.

So my point is have we got to a time when we need to re-define some social decorum again or is too restricting to do so? Is this just a phenomenon in the UK or are there other places that have it too?

I’d be interested to hear what you think?

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  1. I have had to opportunity to see various great artists in different venues around the world . They may have been someone I have been waiting for a very long time to see and hear and experience or someone I have chanced upon in a pub who I happen to be enjoying . Either way they are there to preform for us who want to hear. Some people may have paid a great deal of money or travelled a great distance to enjoy their favorite artist and I really don’t think it is too much to expect the common courtesy to respect the artist or their fans by being respectfully quiet at the appropriate times during a preformance …we didn’t come there to hear you audience ..Right? xx Lori

  2. There are other places that have it too.
    This kind of behavior is defined by – a little fenomenon; a little less of etiquette and an unforming in interests. So, when this kind of mixed human is going for example at a concerte, he not found his interests there, he not have enough social etiquette of behavioral and begins to behave inattentively that effects ssome kinds of chaos in public.
    Your point it right, at first we need time to find our interests and forme ourselves in needs.

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