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Apart from being a memorable saying “If Not Now Then When” was also the title of one of Tracey Chapman’s hits in 1988. These words have been echoing in my mind (lots of echoes there!). I watched my father die in front of me a few months ago and maybe it was that which reminded me that I too ought to get on, but get on with what? I have been doing my thing, you know all that creative stuff I do, for decades now, and still much of what I do remains insulated, so I thought it was time to put some of my work out there more. It’s not that what I do is particularly great, but it is something and some people get something from it.

I thought I’d put some adverts out on Facebook to see what would happen and so far I’ve been quite moved by the response. It’s not so much that people like my music that’s so touching but more a case that multiple connections with people all around the world are starting to take place. As each person links in to my page I normally have a look at what can be seen of their profile, and many of them have interesting links about themselves there. So in a way it’s been a two way process and I’m hoping this is the beginning of some interesting adventures.

Even today I was feeling quite angry with someone who had betrayed a deal we’d made. In fact I was having a bit of a Sopranos meets Tarrantino moment when I read one of my “new connections” poems page and was quite touched and calmed by the lines:

“This life taught me to forgive and forget,
Each of its trivial and unpaid debt.”

It’s been an interesting ride this last week, and I hope to tell you more of my travels, and if not now, then when I can.

Simon Smith

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